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Each link should take you to the blog entry from which the named item may be downloaded. Each blog entry should also feature a link which brings you back to this index.

Academy 23 - Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (1993) C90
Academy 23 - SDS... (1993) C60
Academy 23 - Live in Hackney and Chatham (1995) C90
Academy 23 - Chats Palace 4/10/96 (1996) C46
Anschluss - Fall Apart (1992) C60
Apostles - 2nd Dark Age Demo (1982) C60
Apricot Brigade - Practice September 1985... (1986) C60
Asepisis - The Glory of Punishment (1984) C60
Cloister Crime - Devilish Music... (1984) C46
Andrew Cox - Methods (1980) C46
Dada X (1992) C90 
Do Easy - The Metal Tape (1982) C60
Do Easy - The Second Metal Tape (1982) C60
Do Easy - The Fourth Metal Tape (1982) C90
Do Easy - The Sixth Metal Tape (1983) C60
Do Easy - The Ninth Metal Tape (1983) C60
Do Easy - The Twelfth Metal Tape (1983) C60  
Do Easy - The Fourteenth Metal Tape (1983) C60
Do Easy - Purifier (1986) 3C60
Do Easy - Death in a Milan Square (1984) C60 
Do Easy - The 35th Release (1985) C60
Do Easy - In the New Southern Territories (1986) C60
Do Easy - Italia 1912 (1986) C90 
Do Easy - This Can't Go On Forever (1987) C90 
Dovers - Rehearsals 1 & 2.1 (1987) C60
Dovers - Rehearsals 2.2, 3 & 4.1 (1987) C90
Dovers - Rehearsals 4.2 & 5+ (1987) C60
Dovers - Rehearsal 6 / Live Sunset Strip 23.12.87 (1987) C90
Dovers - Rehearsals 7 & 8 (1988) C90.
Dovers - Rehearsals 9 & 10 (1988) C90.
Dovers - Live Sunset Strip 27.1.88 (1988) C46.  
Dovers - Hammersmith and Chatham (1988) C90
Dovers - Adam Ant... (1991) C90
Dovers - The World of the Dovers (1991) C60 
Dovers - 8-Ball 8-Ball Martin De Sey (1991) C90
Dovers - Water Pistol Filled with Beer (1991) C90
Dovers - Nobody Never Told Me Nothing... (1992) C90+
Dovers - More of the Same Old Thing (1992) C60
Enhoenta Bödlar - Ogreish Guttural Wounds (1984) LP
Envy (1986/7) C46
factor X vs. Family of Noise (1995) C90+  
Family of Noise - New Golden Age (1992) C90
F*** F****** - Stupid (1988) C15
F*** F****** - Enjoy! (1991) C60
F*** F******* - For Our Real Fans Only! (1992) C60+ 
Fysisk Fostran - Vi Behöver Ett Odöpt Barn (1983) C60
Illyana Rasputin in Pittsburgh (1988) C60
The Joneses - Keeping Up With The Joneses (1989) C30
Konstruktivists - Forbidden BC (1991) C90
Konstruktivists - Tic Tac Toe Remixes (1991) C60  
Konstruktivists - Instrumentals (1992) C60
Manslaüghter - Sofa, So Good... So What ? (1992) C15
Manslaüghter - South of Hebburn (1993) C30
W.S. Murphy - ...Cream Cheese Gospel (1990) C15
My Catholic Enemy (1996) C90+
Nocturnal Emissions - The Garage 22/6/99 (1999) C90 
Post-War Busconductors - The Nightmare Begins... (1981) C60
Post-War Busconductors - Come (1982) C10 
The Product - Erotic Pink Pelicans (1985) C60
The Shining - Green Dragon 2/8/84 (1984) C40
621 Monosodium 621 - Torn from the Earth... (1992) C15+
Soul - Demo Tape (1986) C15
Soul Providers - Cipactli Nahuatlamatl (1998) C90  
Soul Providers - Ehecatl Calli (1998) C90
Soul Providers - Calli Yei (1998) C90 
Soul Providers - Last Tape (1999) C90
Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies I (1987) C60
Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies II (1987) C60
Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies III (1987) C90
Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies IV (1987) C60
Total Big - Rehearsals 1 & 2 (1985) C90
Total Big - Rehearsals 3 & 4 (1985) C90
Total Big - Rehearsals 5 & 6 (1986) C90  
Total Big - Rehearsals 7 & 8 (1986) C60
Total Big - Rehearsals 9 & 10 (1986) C90
Total Big - Rehearsals 11 & 12 (1986) C90
Total Big - Rehearsal 11 - Complete & Unabridged (1986) C90
various - Circumcise the Foreskin of Your Heart (1983) C60
various - Moraals (1985) 2C90
various - Process (1993) C90 
various - Untitled (1984) C60 
War Drum - War Drum No. 1 (1997) C90
War Drum - War Drum No. 2 (1998) C90  
War Drum - War Drum by War Drum (1998) C90
War Drum - Fatu Hiva (2000) C90
War Drum - La Quinta Trecena (2000) C90  
War Drum - My Heart is Broken OST (2001) C60
War Drum - Final Music (2005) C60
We Be Echo - Ceza Evi (1983) C60
We Be Echo - Ceza Evi: Special Edition (1983) C60 
We Be Echo - Psychick Kontakt Specials (1985) C90  
We Be Echo - Various Obscure Recordings (1985) C60
We Be Echo - Radio Werkz II (1985) C30 

This blog is maintained for the sake of sharing music from my own private collection, most of which derives from tape cassettes dating from the eighties or nineties. Most of this music was recorded either by myself, or by bands of which I was a member at the time. Some of the cassettes digitised here are simply by people I knew, or people whose work I came across and which impressed me so much as to preclude the possibility of my taping over the thing. So I suppose I own the copyright of most of the material here, but not all of it. In the case of the material for which I don't own the copyright, generally I have tried and failed to track down those responsible in order to seek permission for my sharing their material (excepting people I can't fucking stand or who can't stand me), but honestly I don't even know if some of these people are still alive. I've done what I could. This material is shared purely for the love of music, and in the hope that you too, whoever you may be, will appreciate a few lost gems. I'm not trying to cash in here, and neither should you. If I find anything I've shared here mysteriously pressed up in a wanky limited physical edition costing a fortune on eBay I will be displeased, and my wrath will be a terrible thing to behold.

...and if I've gone and shared your shit and this pisses you off, let me know and I'll take it down, mkay? Oh - and whilst we're here, please investigate my other blogs, and buy my fuckin' book!

Finally, it should be noted that, depending on what you use to play MP3s, how your computer works or whatever, these tracks will probably download in alphabetical sequence rather than the order in which they should appear as derived from the source recording. It has been suggested that I need to prefix my tracks with A1, A2, B3 and so on, but I haven't because it gets on my tits when I download other people's stuff and have to go through it editing the titles because Jonathan King never recorded a song called A7 Lad's Bums Yum Yum and it sends me into a blind rage when my PC tries to suggest that he did. Therefore I respectfully suggest that you download the shit then order it accordingly within your iTunes or whatever you use by referring to the track list provided with each blog entry.

My pleasure.

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