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The Dovers - Rehearsal 6 / Live Sunset Strip 23.12.87 (1987) C90

The Dovers should be familiar to anyone following this blog, but if not, please refer to previous entries as can be found via the link to the index at the foot of this one. Prez of the Blue Lagoon in Chatham High Street foolishly allowed us to play at his venue, the Sunset Strip which was in the basement of the Blue Lagoon - although it could be that the Blue Lagoon was the club in the basement of the Sunset Strip. I can never remember which way around it was. One was a hamburger joint and the other was a music club, but they can't knowingly have named it the Sunset Strip Club, surely? The gig was two days before Christmas and we were supporting Tim Webster's Johnny Gash and Sexton Ming's Mindreaders - although I have a feeling Tim's bunch may have pulled out because I can only remember the Mindreaders and that they played a cover of Devo's Uncontrollable Urge, which earned brownie points with me. This was our second gig as the Dovers, and Carl managed to coax Chris - who had been our drummer in Total Big - back up from the coast for the occasion (although admittedly he was probably back up to see his folks as well, it being Christmas), so we had the rehearsal at Chris's place in Kemsley on Sunday the 20th of December, 1987, and then played the gig on the Wednesday night, and it's all on this tape.

Medway types might care to listen closely to the live tracks (23 through to 32) so as to spot either themselves or people they knew. Prez can be heard a couple of times, and I think that's Paul Mercer shouting out a request for Smash It Up, and that bloke out of Screaming for the President was there too. Konstruktivists fans may already be familiar with Glenn's guest appearance on this version of He Believes as it was included on another tape which can be downloaded from this blog, but here it is in full with the sound of a disco at the end, just in case you really need it.

Oh - also the above letter somehow lured Judith Mullarkey from the Chatham Standard along to our gig, so obviously she was there, and she seemed to like it which was nice:


1 - The Insect
2 - A.I.D.X.
3 - Beat Me Black & Blue I
4 - Batman's Personal Friend I
5 - Fatback
6 - He Believes
7 - I'm Not Losing Sleep
8 - Hail Fellow Well Met
9 - Misery List
10 - Old Blue
11 - Are You My Mother?
12 - Pizza to Go I
13 - Pizza to Go II
14 - The Insect
15 - Beat Me Black & Blue II
16 - Batman's Personal Friend II
17 - Louie Louie
18 - Sister Ray
19 - Madonna
20 - Pizza to Go III
21 - Here He Comes Again
22 - Havin' a Laugh
23 - Hail Fellow Well Met
24 - Are You My Mother?
25 - Misery List
26 - The Insect
27 - Pizza to Go
28 - Louie Louie
29 - Sister Ray
30 - Hey Joe
31 - A Fucking Merry Christmas
32 - He Believes (featuring NKVD)

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