Monday, 21 October 2019

Real Time 6 (1983) C90

So here's the last volume of Real Time which I haven't already posted, and you'll find the others by looking in the index as linked at the foot of this post. This volume takes the opposite route to the one I posted last week (at least I think it was the one I posted last week) by showcasing a lot of short, snappy stuff, so I assume Robert was following certain themes when he compiled each volume - and whilst I remember, a preposterously belated thanks to Mr. Cox: only since digitising, editing, and sharing these have I realised that all seven volumes appeared within the space of less than a single year, which must have been one hell of a lot of work.

Having been busy this week, I haven't had so much time in which to listen to this one, so have failed to form the usual opinions regarding content, but stand outs seem to be (at least for me) Born BC, A Primary Industry, and Trekellion Skyway. By the way, on the subject of Trekellion Skyway, Black Brook, as listed on the cover, was actually on volume five, so I assume Robert may have been getting a bit overworked by this point (and it's actually probably my single favourite track from the entire Real Time series, for whatever that may be worth).

Don't really know nuffink about none of these, although a few of them had material on previous volumes, and Brian Aspro was apparently a member of idid idid who were on Real Time 4 and about whom I'm sure I had something or other to say; Asylum Penguins are actually Robert I. Gillham who was on a couple of Cause for Concern compilations (again see index); I've added an additional exclamation mark to the name of Look! Mother! because it seemed wrong without one; I assumed Born BC were famous because I've heard of them, but apparently not, so I probably just happened to read the single fanzine they were in or something; A Primary Industry (pictured above) were definitely sort of famous and were on some Third Mind compilation album at some point. I seem to remember Peel playing them a lot but I could be mistaken; everyone knows who Bourbonese Qualk are; and I still don't know a chuffing thing about Trekellion Skyway, which is annoying as the geezer was clearly a talent.

Why would anyone call their band Rags Woggle?

1 - Carol E - You Don't Have to Pull That Face
2 -
The Genitals - The Wild West
3 -
The Genitals - Sweet as Feathers
4 -
Orgy Del'Orange - Gypsy Moth IV
5 -
Look! Mother! - Sound Off
6 -
Look! Mother! - Two Persons
7 -
Born BC - What Glory
8 -
Born BC - Proud Father
9 -
The Meek - Smokeless Zone
10 -
The Meek - Space Transition
11 -
Vista - Closed In
12 -
A Primary Industry - Under Western Eyes
13 -
Final Contric - Need
14 -
Trekellion Skyway - In Memoriam
15 -
Trekellion Skyway - The Giant's Dance
16 -
Tina Fulker - Gash
17 -
Tina Fulker - Boys
18 -
Tina Fulker - Teen Dream
19 -
Tina Fulker - Solidified / Happified
20 -
Tina Fulker - Wish We Could Move to Paradise
21 -
Bourbonese Qualk - Blood-Orange-Bargain Day
22 -
Brian Aspro - [excerpts]
23 -
Erik Clayton - Thin Girl
24 -
Erik Clayton - Take Your Bloody Hand...
25 -
Erik Clayton - Lazy Girls
26 -
Erik Clayton - Little Black Box (part two)
27 -
Vertical Hold - Injustice
28 -
The Great Bone & the Four-a-Day Men - Twenty Drinking Vouchers
29 -
The Great Bone & the Four-a-Day Men - The Texas Chainstore Massacre
30 -
Asylum Penguins - Vivisection
31 -
Asylum Penguins - Chicken House
32 -
Rags Woggle - True Colours
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  1. You're not kidding, Trekellion Skyway is great. My searches show they did one long cassette called "Sylvan Motif".

  2. I have a transfer of the Trekellion Skyway - Sylvan Motif tape but a different source says there were two more tracks. No details on the band whatsoever. Does anybody have any info on that band?