Monday, 1 July 2019

Konstruktivists - 1983 Home Recordings (1983) C30

There was a time when I had a whole stack of tapes with just two or three tracks on them, these being things people had sent me, usually for inclusion on some compilation or other. Then at some point during the nineties, I filled up a few of these tapes (which were mostly blank excepting two or three tracks of the type described) with the two or three tracks from other mostly empty cassettes so as to have all of that stuff in one place, because I like things to be nice and tidy. This week, for the sake of a change of pace I've digitised a couple of the resulting C90s with the plan to release them back into the wild in their original form just as nature intended (except for these being downloads rather than physical tapes, obviously), so here we go...

This one was Glenn of Konstruktivists filling up one side of a C60 for tracks I might use on the first Do Easy compilation, and I should probably also mention that I further milked the same Kow a couple of years later when it came to putting together this one. Anyway, as the tape Glenn sent me was one which I filled with other people's stuff on side two, this was my master and is hence probably marginally better quality than is the same material as it appeared on the Do Easy tapes. I've a feeling I may also have nicked one of the bass patterns for Dada X, while we're here.

Glenn sent this just before Black December, the third Konstruktivists album, was issued by Third Mind and you may recognise a couple of the Eastern Vein demos as formative versions of material which turned up on that album - I can't be arsed to check which ones, and I've a feeling that the other two may therefore be tracks which were never expanded upon. I vaguely remember Glenn telling me that at the time of recording this material, he usually worked on his music at home on a four-track portastudio, then transferred the portastudio tapes to eight or possibly sixteen track at IPS and pumped them up into the versions we've heard on the records. I've also included a scan of the letter Glenn wrote when he sent me this tape in the download in case it's of any interest.

1 - Mansonik 2 (version)
2 - Eastern Vein I
3 - Eastern Vein II
4 - Eastern Vein III
5 - Eastern Vein IV
6 - Bass Pattern I
7 - Bass Pattern II


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  1. Thank you, Konstruktivists material is always really interesting!

  2. Hi,
    i really enjoy not only listening but reading your posts full of stories and anecdotes behind the music.
    greetings from Peru
    Cesar Augusto