Friday, 25 January 2019

Antonym - Blood and Aphorisms (1991) C60

Here's the second tape by Antonym. The first can be found here if you missed it, in which case you will additionally find that the associated blog post tells you all you need to know about Antonym, or at least as much as I know myself. This one doesn't even seem to be on Discogs, which is odd. I don't know if it received a more limited distribution or something. Anyway, as you will hear, it's more good stuff in a similar vein, and a vein which reminds me a little of er... early Nocturnal Emissions combined with the more abrasive side of the Severed Heads, maybe with a faint je ne sais quoi of Esplendor Geométrico, P16D4 - something in that general ballpark. I think my only complaint is that these tracks could have been a lot longer, but I suppose if that bothers you, maybe you could just listen to them twice or something.
Someone do a vinyl retrospective of this guy please.

1 - Principle Rising
2 - Prime Mover
3 - Portrait of the Artist as Shark Chyme
4 - Metal Beast IV
5 - Noisework I
6 - Miasma
7 - Pushing Brick Walls
8 - Metal Beast I
9 - Polished Air
10 - Malachite
11 - Cages for the Spirit and Cemetries for the Soul
12 - Mumiai
13 - Erubescent Splash on Chrome
14 - Tear Gas
15 - Present Tense
16 - Feed the Flaming Hunger
17 - AWB
18 - A Short Study in Feedback
19 - A New Face in Heaven
20 - Metal Beast II
21 - Survivor Type
22 - Morass
23 - Metal Beast V
24 - Radiation Complication
25 - Divine Falling

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