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v/a - From Down Yondah (1984) C120

Here's another relatively obscure compilation, another one on which I had a track, and rooting around on the internet I realise there were some genuine unsung weirdy music pioneers here, quite aside from those we all already know about; so my ego is a little larger than it was just before I digitised this tape.

From Down Yondah came as a C120 selotaped to a knackered charity shop record with a vague stack of associated A4 photocopies - vague, because it was sort of difficult to tell where the compilation artwork ended and Lennart Eilersen's manic accompanying letter began. Lennart Eilersen, also known as Uddah Buddah, was the man behind Selbstmord Organisation - one of my favourite things to emerge from the whole noisy tape scene of the early 1980s; and From Down Yondah was the label's international assemblage of friends and sympathetic parties. Cloister Crime, We Be Echo, Asepisis, and Do Easy are already fairly well represented on this blog, so please refer to the index and make sure you download the Cloister Crime tape if you haven't already done so because it's a fucking cracker. Opera for Infantry turned into the Grey Wolves, Unkommuniti turned into Stereolab, and Swedish Nature eventually became Brighter Death Now. Club Moral, FâLX çèrêbRi and Die Form surely require no introduction. The Cause for Concern was Larry Peterson who used to run the tape label of that name and who is now some sort of Thunderbirds puppet mogul or summink. Yttersta Tagghudingen was something to do with Lennart Eilersen, as referred to above, some kind of outgrowth of his magnificent Enhoenta Bödlar - which also featured Roger from Brighter Death Now and whose Ogreish Guttural Wounds is probably the greatest album ever recorded. The rest can be looked up on Discogs, probably.

While we're here, here's another masterpiece from the same label just in case you missed it. Someone really needs to write a book about the Swedish weirdy music scene. Those guys really had their shit together. Maybe it was something in the water.

I've always been a bit wary of C120s so have probably only played this thing a couple of times at most. Unfortunately for the sake of enduring quality this probably hasn't made a lot of difference as the tape appears to have been copied at an unusually low sound level. I've done what I can to restore the thing. Also, my own track was split between the end of side one and the beginning of side two for some stupid reason, so I've replaced it with the original uninterrupted version from The Fourteenth Metal Tape.

Also, I've scanned the Selbstmord catalogue, so that's included in the download for the sake of curiosity. I'd love to know how much of that stuff actually saw the light of day. I still have the first issue of Pok-a-Tok (which is, by the way, possibly the greatest fanzine I've ever read) but I have no idea if the promised From Down Yondah issue ever came out.

Finally, is it my imagination or does this version of The Witches Burn sound different to those posted previously on this blog? 

1 - (introduction)
2 -
Club Moral - Tegen Het Ik   
3 -
IMCP - Day of Stunts   
4 -
Asod Dvi - Det Synkende Synkende Skip   
5 -
Live Loop - Breathings   
6 -
Caspar Hausers - Slow Albanian Stucco   
7 -
Cloister Crime - Sacrum Sacrifice   
8 -
The Audience - We Need Fast Paint   
9 -
We Be Echo - The Witches Burn   
10 -
Asepisis - Genetik Product Control   
11 -
Family Patrol Group - Bottle Fuck   
12 -
Autentisk Film - Svarte Fugler   
13 -
Opera for Infantry - Black Christmas   
14 -
Do Easy - United States of America   
15 -
The Cause for Concern - To Life + Death   
16 -
Laxative Souls - Bryseri Half Anticipation
17 - Unkommuniti - Fry Day 2   
18 -
The Rimbaud Brothers - Bite the Bullet   
19 -
FâLX çèrêbRi - Olympic Games   
20 -
Comando Bruno - Racaille   
21 -
Interaccion - X y E   
22 -
Die Form - Il Coltello nell Acqua   
23 -
Swedish Nature - Suck It   
24 -
Diseño Corbusier - Escuadra Popular   
25 -
Yttersta Tagghudingen - Amschaspand Abrasax   

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  1. More Enhänta Bödlar-trax can be found on by searching for Zyrax-Thorax.