Monday, 11 December 2017

v/a - Meridians 1 (1983) C60

It was going to be Vittore Baroni's TRAX 0682 compilation this week, but at last minute I noticed someone had already stuck it on CD, so you should probably buy it if you want to hear it, mkay? Anyway, Larry Peterson sent me Meridians 1 as a swap for something I'd sent him which I remember thinking was quite a lot better, so I was briefly miffed, not least because it seemed obvious that someone had given him the tape as a freebie and he'd thought it was shit and so passed it on to me. So that wasn't a great start, and there was something I didn't like about the cover (and I'm usually a fan of Malcolm Garrett too), and the whole enterprise felt like the Hayward Gallery getting involved in the tape scene and showing us uncultured fucks how we should have done it instead of all those tacky pictures of Hitler adorning our shit Woolworths cassettes of short-wave radio noise. There was something a bit up itself about Touch, or so it seemed to me.

So imagine my surprise when I pluck this from the shelf as a last minute replacement for TRAX 0682, digitise the thing, and discover that it's actually pretty decent, as I would have realised had I listened to it more than once. The contributors were mostly established artists with record contracts, or close friends of established artists with record contracts, but the music is mostly decent, or the very least, interesting. Most of this lot shouldn't really require an introduction, although for what it's worth, NOTi is also Andrew McKenzie, and the Ludus track seems to feature SPK's Graeme Revell on saxomaphone and Dave Formula from Magazine tickling the ivories. You may notice that the track list given on the sleeve does that fucking annoying thing of featuring mysterious interludes identified in predictable lower case but with no artist, as though they was done by a fucking ghost or summink! This is a pain in the arse for a digitiser such as myself given that I have to divide everything into proper tracks, regardless of stray snatches of speech scattered hither and thither in the name of art. Anyway, I've followed the track list given on Discogs which blows the whistle on himself of the Hafler Trio as author of all the scrappy bits of art challenging the listener's preconceptions about something or other. I should probably also mention that I'm not entirely sure I've correctly labelled tracks 14 through to 17, or whether one of those is actually another one of Andrew McKenzie's medium questioning excerpts from an episode of Nationwide.

1 - Matador - Nowever, Ornever
2 -
AC Marias - The Whispered Year
3 -
Andrew McKenzie - sigil one
4 -
Pascal Gabriel - Machu Pichu
5 -
Matador - Mother Earth Film Music
6 -
Touch 33° - Oral Tradition
7 -
Graham Lewis - He Said "Argh..."
8 -
John Foxx - The Quiet Man IV
9 -
Simon F. Turner - Wash
10 -
Andrew McKenzie - sigil two
11 -
Current 93 - Salt
12 -
Touch 33° - The Crucible
13 -
Test Department - Efficiency
14 -
S/Z - Text
15 -
The Pathfinders - Long Shadows
16 -
NOTi - Diagnosis
17 -
Andrew McKenzie - sigil three
18 -
Ludus - Corpse Candle

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  1. Really interesting and diverse compilation - like listening to my dream radio station.