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Total Big - Rehearsals 3 & 4 (1985) C90

Total Big should require no introduction providing you've read (or even downloaded and listened to) this, or even this. If on the other hand it seems like maybe they (or I suppose we) do need an introduction, then click on either or both of those words highlighted in orange in the previous sentence.

You're very welcome. 

Here's another ninety minutes as compiled by Chris, our drummer. Both rehearsals were in the kitchen of Hollytree House in Otham, Kent. The first thirteen songs (comprising side one of the cassette) date to Saturday the 7th of December, 1985, and the rest are from the following weekend, the 14th of December. This was the first stuff recorded since our debut gig on Wednesday the 27th of November at the art college as part of an all-night work-in held in protest of education cuts. The gig was short and noisy but fun seeing as we only had two and a half numbers worked out (Rock Sandwich, He Writes the Songs, and Ouch!!!), and it is acknowledged in my diary as follows:

It was the work-in today. Carl and Chris turned up in the evening, and Jude Hibbert back-combed my hair for me. The Submarines played, followed by He's Dead, Jim who were Pete Avery, Jel, Rob Coolen, and some guy from the painting department. Total Big played to a half empty canteen. We showed some TBM videos to a bunch of hyper-enthusiastic art foundation course guys and gals. I watched Saturday Night & Sunday Morning in the lecture theatre.

Crazy times, man. Crazy times.

I've a feeling one or more of the new songs on this tape may have been developed from stuff improvised at the gig, probably Are You My Mother? and Call It What You Want, although I could be mistaken. This tape also includes Carl pissing around on Chris's synthesiser and use of some sort of echo effect meaning the whole bears a much stronger resemblance to the work of Emerson, Lake & Palmer than the previous tape. Whilst obviously I'm biased, I find this one quite listenable in places, particularly Armchair Maniac and the formative thrashy version of Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'.

The cover is just yer bog standard inlay card which I couldnae be arsed to scan, and the poster above refers to a later gig at someone's house in 1986.


1 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
2 - Rock Sandwich
3 - Are You My Mother?
4 - He Writes the Songs
5 - Call It What You Want
6 - Armchair Maniac
7 - Ghost In My Trousers
8 - The Best Thing I Could Do
9 - Are You My Mother?
10 - Rock Sandwich
11 - He Writes the Songs
12 - He Believes
13 - Hippy Smashing Machine
14 - Are You My Mother?
15 - Ouch!!!
16 - Rock Sandwich
17 - He Writes the Songs
18 - It's No Fun
19 - On the Beach
20 - Big Buzz
21 - I'm Not Losing Sleep
22 - She Takes Me By the Hand
23 - Baby Bankrupt
24 - Are You My Mother?
25 - Call It What You Want
26 - Trust in Dust

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