Monday, 12 November 2018

Adventures of Twizzle - Hitler's Trousers after the Blast (1983) C60

I've already explained Adventures of Twizzle at length, and several times over in the course of previous blog posts here, here, and here. If you can't be arsed to follow the links and do a bit of homework, well all right - Adventures of Twizzle were formed by Margaret Thatcher, an ex-Bay City Roller (but I'm not going to tell you which one) and the man who held the land speed record between the years 1979 to 1985. They had a massive hit with Dancing in the Dark, a song which is usually erroneously credited to Bruce Springsteen. Neither of them ever learned how to ride bikes.

This was their second tape and the first one I heard. It's quite different to most of their other stuff, comprising short tuneful pieces rather than howling noise, and the dates given on the sleeve seem to suggest it was compiled rather than specifically recorded as an album, although I could be wrong there. Also, it came in weird packaging - a Sony C60 loose inside the box of a child's wooden jigsaw - one of those cheapo ones about the size of a fag packet - with their artwork glued to the reverse of the box. Unfortunately at the time I was getting a bit tired of tapes in weird packages which you had to leave in a pile next to your regular cassettes, so I made my own sleeve from photocopies of the artwork and kept it in a regular jewel case; and annoyingly I seem to have lost the kid's jigsaw version, so that's a lesson learned. the scans included in the download are my version of the cover, plus the flyer which first inspired me to write to them - I think it fell out of an envelope full of stuff from Larry Peterson.

I know I haven't said much about the music, but for what it's worth, regardless of the low level of technology involved, I'd still say this is one of the best tapes I ever bought. Sometimes a tape recorder and a good idea is really all you need.

1 - Demolition I
2 - Before All That
3 - Cuddly Linda Girl
4 - Flag Miles Short
5 - The Education of a Rat
6 - Adventures
7 - Jude Moan / Silence
8 - Umbah Oombah
9 - Demolition II
10 - Just Listen
11 - Cherry Cake
12 - On and On and On
13 - Bang-Utot
14 - The Deep Love
15 - Don't Look Now
16 - What For?

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Monday, 5 November 2018

ESP Kinetic - Mission (1985) C90

This was ESP Kinetic's live album. I get the impression they performed quite a bit, and whilst rummaging around in the reliquary in which I store Neil's correspondence - along with mail from Cosey Fanni Tutti, Peter Bagge, Chris Claremont, Billy Childish and my other famous pals* from this crazy world of showbiz - I found a poster for one of ESP Kinetic's gigs, and not even one which is represented on this tape; so I've scanned that and you'll find it in the download.

This one was a bit awkward when it came to digitisation, seeing as the track list given on the cover refers only to the venues and dates at which these performances were recorded, which were as follows:

1 - Corby Youth Centre 24/3/84
2 - Wellingborough United Reformed Church 25/8/84
3 - Kettering Rec. Centre 15/9/84
4 - Cranford Village Hall 17/11/84
5 - Kettering Rec. Centre 18/12/84
6 - Northampton Black Lion 16/3/85

The problem for me was that I couldn't work out where one section ended and another started, so instead I've divided it up into the actual songs, where I've been able to recognise them.

Additionally, Mission was originally a C45, from what I can tell. Neil sent it to me on a C90 with a load of other stuff on the b-side, apparently from a Finnish release called Fleck- Nor, but again with no actual list of what the tracks were called. Some I already knew, and some I was able to work out by comparison with a 2008 CDR issue of Fleck-Nor; but I gather the 2008 Fleck-Nor may have been different to the one Neil mentioned as I was still left with three tracks I couldn't identify. So tracks one to fourteen are Mission, and the rest are seemingly from a version of Fleck-Nor other than the Music Mundane release, a few of which still seem to be relatively cheap on Discogs if anyone is interested.

By the way, as a point of interest, the Black Lion, at which some of the live tracks were performed, features in Alan Moore's fifty-million page novel Jerusalem, which unfortunately isn't very good in case you were wondering.

*: You probably haven't heard of some of these people, but I have.

1 - Under the Bed
2 - Saturday Nite Church
3 - Hinterland
4 - Two Faces Collide I
5 - Cannibal Chant
6 - In Our Afterglow
7 - Two Faces Collide II
8 - Dance as Hallucination
9 - Untitled I
10 - Waltzing on Air
11 - Silence...
12 - God in a Leather Box
13 - Ambition Realised
14 - Anarchy in the UK
15 - Storekeeper Reward
16 - Metropoline
17 - Scared Out
18 - Untitled II
19 - Ambition Realised
20 - Untitled III
21 - Hole in the Ground
22 - Pretine World
23 - Frank S
24 - Untitled IV

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Cassette Music 3 (1994) C60

Here's another hour of strange sounds from the excellent Personal Soundtracks series. Once again my information on those contributing is patchy to nonexistant, but I'm sure some of you will at least be familiar with Hex Minora, Mlehst, factor X, and Expose Your Eyes who seemed to be everywhere at one point. In fact I'm fairly sure I remember them, or possibly him, filling in for Jimmy Hill on Match of the Day.
Anyway, regardless of who you've already heard of, the thing you'll probably notice about this tape is the exceptional quality and high production values with a track list that genuinely keeps you guessing from one minute to the next - which is really what it's all about for me.
Very glad Mr. Hopwood conceded to my digitising these things - it's been great digging them out and hearing them again. Surprised no-one has yet done a boutique CD reissue of this series of compilations.

1 - Ozone Bandits - Sergio Leone
2 -
Phenomena - Skitzpphenomena
3 -
Majorana - Grateri Dentro
4 -
Hex Minora - Heresy
5 -
Mlehst - Bitter Oranges
6 -
Clitoral - Pussyshaver
7 -
Phenomena - Paramilitary
8 -
factor X - In Love w/ You
9 -
Vinci - Tribal Night
10 -
Expose Your Eyes - &#0149 &#0149 &#0149
11 -
Telepherique - Marked Faces
12 -
Ozone Bandits - Pliers in My Heart

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Monday, 22 October 2018

ESP Kinetic (1985) C15

Neil Campbell sent me Mission, the ESP Kinetic live album on one side of a C90 with a whole load of other stuff on the other side. I've digitised it, but I'm still engaged in the detective work of trying to deduce what the extra tracks are called, so while we're all waiting, here's something else from the same stable. This was a C15 Neil sent me featuring tracks for what would have been my third Do Easy compilation tape. I was going to use Metropoline and the tape would have been called Avanti!, but it never happened and I don't even remember why. I've a feeling I may have given the master to one of the contributors - possibly John Jasper - so he could record his thing directly onto the tape, and I never got it back.

Anyway, this is quite a nice little tape in itself, dating from what I imagine must have been near the end of ESP Kinetic's existence as a band, and which I still think would have made a great 12", but for the fact that no-one would have bought it because they'd spunked away all their pocket money on another unlistenable live Psychic TV album. There's nought so conservative as the avant-garde. Speaking of which, in case I never mentioned it before, I saw ESP Kinetic as one of those bands who sounded how Psychic TV should have sounded but didn't due to the Porridge effect - sharing certain interests with the noise weirdies but not scared of a tune or occasionally sounding happy.

...and finally, Cyril?

Finally, Esther - I should probably mention that this is a tape Neil sent directly to me, presumably a one off with a handmade sleeve - bits of photocopies glued to the front and the track list written in biro. Therefore if you see this tape for sale on eBay, sold by some bloke in Bulgaria mumbling something about how he recorded it off the radio, and if he's selling it for forty bucks, and if you buy it for forty bucks, then that's your tough shit. I mention this only as the fucking clown in question is flogging an old Opera for Infantry tape for about the same, having downloaded it from this blog; and I know this because when I digitised the tape, it came with no track listing so I had to listen to the thing and come up with names for the tracks based on Trev's vocal - and those same titles appear on his expensive collector's item, hopeless wanker.

If this is yourself reading this, oh eBay retailer of my downloads, get a fucking job.

1 - Metropoline
2 - Integrity
3 - Storekeeper Reward
4 - Absolute Relaxation
5 - Sieve

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Impulse 2 (1992) C40

Impulse was an A5 mag produced by Mark of Konstruktivists, Binary, Codex Empire, and others I probably never heard of. Each issue came with a compilation cassette of (what I'm pretty sure was) all new material by many of your weirdy faves, which is why it's here. I missed the first issue, in case anyone was wondering, but here's the second with forty minutes of very listenable stuff.
You should have heard of Nagamatzu, I would think, so I doubt they require introduction, although for what it's worth this is one of my favourite tracks by them. Antonym have already turned up on this blog. Nova State Conspiracy were something to do with Alex Novak of Venus Fly Trap, Attrition, and others. I don't know much about any of the others, and I wish I knew more about Whiteslug as their track is fucking great. The collection has a bit of a whiff of combat boots about it, but mostly it's done well, and certainly better than a lot of those village hall scout hut versions of Front 242 which were around at the time.
I've scanned the mag, so that's also included in the download as a series of jpegs in a separate folder. Where tapes came with booklets, I usually include them as scans, and this is sort of the same deal, I guess. You can see who features in the mag by looking at the picture above. I haven't had time to re-read the thing so take no responsibility for any claims of simply exploring controversial ideas and imagery made therein, but it is, if nothing else, a labour of love and really well put together.

More of these to come when I get around to it.

1 - Nagamatzu - Firewalker [remix]
2 -
IAV - You Make the Groove
3 -
Nova State Conspiracy - Definitive Item
4 -
Antonym - Prime Mover
5 -
Red Sekta - Torture
6 -
German Shepherds - I Adore You
7 -
Whiteslug - Motherfucker
8 -
Trance - By the Pound
9 -
Shinkansen - Ishikari
10 -
Momento Mori - Excerpt

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Monday, 8 October 2018

Tryouts - On the Outside Bog (1983) C30+

I'm not sure why it's taken me a full year to post this second Tryouts tape, but better late than never. You'll possibly remember them from last September when I posted the first tape, except as I've found Jon Sykes' letters in the meantime, I realise the first tape I heard was actually their third, and this is their fourth.

Tryouts' fifteen seconds of fame came when The Look on Their Faces was mentioned in Sounds, wherein it was written...

At a time when Cassette Pets seems full of either grim dabblers or brainless would-be pop stars it comes as almost refreshing to be confronted by the Tryouts' complete daftness (and they don't even try to turn this natural trait into a selling point). On their new tape, The Look on Their Faces, they occasionally slip into vulgarity - He Wears Underpants (titter) and Sitting on the Bog (giggles) - but are able to redeem themselves with the splendid minimalist pop of Damn Her.

Anyway, what I can piece together of the whole story is that Tryouts comprised Jon Sykes, Rob Blackburn, Grant Hodgson, and Chris Hugill - although I believe this last guy left before they recorded On the Outside Bog. The Look on Their Faces was their first cassette to feature real musical instruments. Previously we used pots and pans and all that stuff, as Jon wrote in one of his letters, in which we also find...


Jon Sykes' Brain is in the Lost Property Office (April 1981) C90 - 29 copies sold as of February 1984. No musical ability, all pots and pans and stuff. Nothing like the next cassette.
Rigamortis - never released. It was that rubbish, we put it in the bin!
The Look on Their Faces (1982) C30 - 20 copies sold as of February 1984.
On the Outside Bog (December 1983) C30 - 18 copies sold as of February 1984.
In Front of a Crowd (August 1984) C30 - a proposed recording of our first ever live performance at Staxton Village Hall in the not too distant future. All the songs except one will not have been released before. Jon gives the date 20/8/84 for the performance. The next letter states Tryouts have had an up and down career since I last wrote. We did a successful gig at a place near Whitby and at the Totley site of the Sheffield City Polytechnic. The Whitby gig was released as our fourth cassette album. It's quite good. However at Easter we played at the same place near Whitby again. This time the crowd was awful. Only a handful of people enjoyed our set, but the rest sat there with depressed faces longing for us to get off. Anyhow they got some abuse thrown at them by yours truly. The thing that really annoyed me was that those people never even gave us a chance. They had already made their minds up that we were shit.

So there you go. They sent me this C30 on side one of a C60 with a couple of extra tracks on the other side, both of which I used on a Do Easy compilation, and those are also included here. Funnily enough, I've only just now noticed that the album version of Superior Human Beings omits some disgruntled mumbling utilising the F-word. This stuff still surprises me. A lot of it is like the most awful teenage poetry set to music, and yet it has a sort of disarmingly awkward honesty which you just never got with the likes of Morrissey or any of those other studiously dispossessed types, habitually moaning about loneliness whilst posing on the front cover of some shitty music rag, week after week after week.

Wherever you are now, Tryouts, I raise my glass to you.

1 - The Outside Bog
2 - In the Cage
3 - You're Turning Into Someone I Hate
4 - Those Bloody Questions
5 - Those People
6 - Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
7 - One Short Word
8 - End of Side One
9 - We Must Always Help
10 - Drink My Blood
11 - Ignored
12 - Superior Human Beings
13 - Walls of Queniboro
14 - Pornographic John
15 - If You Take Advantage of Me
16 - Superior Human Beings [uncensored version]

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Friday, 28 September 2018

Total Big - Rehearsals 19 & 20 (1986) C90

Carl played the guitar group instead of Total Big.

I know what you think, but this is my blog, so it's tough. No one can force you to do such a download. And I'm sure Grey Wolves C90 is pushing and recording next week. In any case, this is the last Total Big belt. I believe these songs ended shortly after recording. Both attempts took place at the Hollytree House in Ottawa, Kent. The first eighteen songs were Saturday, November the 8th, 1986. The rest of the day was two weeks on the 22nd day of the same month. Then on Tuesday, December the 9th, we went to a night work event to protest the suggestion to reduce the art education fund at Maidstone Art College. Carl, Chris and I attended the Mark Smith's saxophone, our kit is He Believes, Are You My Mother (Or Just A Hole In The Ground?), Rock Sandwich, Louie Louie, Sister Ray, Hey Joe, You're Okay, Keep Your Dreams A'Burning, Do The Frug, and All Day And All Of The Night. For some reason, we did not record it. As you may have noticed, we've done everything.

I believe that, shortly after this article, Chris moved to Dover, or perhaps already moved, but temporarily lifted. In any case, this is the last Total Big belt. My diary does not have any details about Carl's rock music, and I went to June 1987.

This text from Google is translated from Google, English, Japanese, Latvian, Latvian Latvian.

1 - Catch the Pigeon
2 - Rock Sandwich
3 - Carry On Sid
4 - He Writes the Songs
5 - He Believes
6 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
7 - Louie Louie
8 - Sister Ray
9 - Hey Joe
10 - Armchair Maniac
11 - Are You My Mother?
12 - Hail Fellow Well Met
13 - Love to You
14 - Check Out Your Pants
15 - Cold Sore Herpes B
16 - Moses
17 - Badtime Baby
18 - He Believes
19 - Catch the Pigeon
20 - Check Out Your Pants
21 - Born in the Woods
22 - He Writes the Songs
23 - I'm Not Losing Sleep
24 - Louie Louie
25 - Sister Ray
26 - Hey Joe
27 - Precinct
28 - Do the Frug I
29 - He Believes
30 - Are You My Mother?
31 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
32 - Check Out Your Pants
33 - Do the Frug II
34 - Do the Frug III
35 - Do the Frug IV

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Sinn & Form (1982) C60

I've had a look around, assuming Sinn & Form must surely have had a CD reissue by this point, but apparently not so here it is. There was Red Sand, Last Supper, Sudden Surge of Power and Sinn & Form felt like the other massive blockbusting compilation of the day, at least to me; and this was where I first heard most of these artists.

I'm not sure who Metadrive are or were and I don't have much idea about Kopf/Kurz (beyond that BR's Experiment is probably the highlight of the tape, if you ask me), but the rest were pretty big names, relatively speaking, so probably don't require much of an introduction.

I scanned the booklet too, by the way. There's a naughty picture in there, so be warned.

1 - Esplendor Geométrico - Sin Titulo
2 -
Esplendor Geométrico - Fungus Cerebri
3 -
Nocturnal Emissions - Whisky a Go Go, London 23/5/82 (excerpt)
4 -
MB - MUUNH (excerpt)
5 -
P16D4 - Neue Muster
6 -
Kopf/Kurz - BR's Experiment
7 -
Ptôse Production - Ecraser la Vermine
8 -
Pseudo Code - Wondering Why (Pseudo Product 14)
9 -
Metadrive - Sverige
10 -
Human Flesh - Harmonie (4th Human Attempt)
11 -
Creative Technology Institute - City of Spirits
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Smell & Quim - The English Method (1988) C60

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the English Method changed my life, but it was definitely a revelation inspiring the question of why no-one had done it before. My own small corner of noisy DIY electronic shite had become unusually po-faced by about 1987, which is why I lost interest and took to reading X-Men comics. Popping my head back in to see if anyone was still around circa. 1991 or thereabouts, I realised that if I'd just hung on for another six months...

I appreciate that a lot of Nurse With Wound is essentially Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, but the jokes worked better if you'd been to art college, where Smell & Quim were a bit more Max Miller. Andy Martin described them as the Chas & Dave of power electronics, and I'm not sure that's entirely fair, but as descriptions go I suppose it does a job. I don't personally regard them as a novelty act or a comedy troupe, because it seems retarded to make such a distinction purely on the grounds of something having a sense of humour, rather than being stood in a corner sucking its cheeks in and thinking about Baudelaire.

Just listen to the fucker, okay?

Also, remember to wash your hands afterwards.

1 - Smelly Quim
2 - Nipples on Buttocks
3 - Shaft of a Goad
4 - Lurve
5 - The Gospel Accordion To James Anderton
6 - Man with Spirit
7 - Woman with Spunk
8 - Spirit Log Supplemental
9 - Encased In Rubber
10 - Fucker (live in Barnsley)
11 - Two Way Passages
12 - Paranoid
13 - Nag's Head
14 - Reprise
15 - Bunghole
16 - The English Method
17 - Yah Fucking Bastard

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Opera for Infantry - Live 1984 (1984) C60

This was never released, and I don't think it was intended for release, but Trev sent me a copy so here it is. Opera for Infantry - whom younger readers may know better as the Grey Wolves - had taken to performing as a more traditional punk act with guitars and pogoing (presumably), as I already explained here. This was a recording of one of those gigs at Amesbury Sports Centre, May 1984. It's a bit of a racket and I was never entirely certain of what the individual songs were called and have therefore left it as a single piece of music, so you could probably still pretend it's Ramleh if you like.

The rest of the tape was filled with three tracks more recognisably by OFI. It Was Another was apparently a work in progress. The tape actually sounds like it contains five or six pieces of music, and my guess is that a couple of those pieces are actually a single track with a poor quality edit in the middle, so I've had to use my skill and judgement to decide what is what. This also means that Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man may actually be the second half of Barking at Planes, and the thing I've given the title of Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man may be just a field recording made on the cassette which Trev later taped over when making me a copy of their live gig - I don't know.

1 - Amesbury Sports Centre 12/5/84
2 - It Was Another
3 - Barking at Planes
4 - Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man

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Friday, 31 August 2018

Another Bouquet on the Grave of Free Enterprise (1982) C60

This is, I'm afraid, the last of my Dead Hedgehog tapes, and possibly my favourite by virtue of how many hits it yielded - To Hell with the Carnival, The New Breed, Celia's Crazy, and Architecture being way up in my personal list of favourite songs ever to come from a humble cassette, and of course the magnificent Flying Beechcraft who really should have been massive on the strength of their three songs that I've heard - Tez Mitchell and their contributions to the similarly excellent Thing from the Crypt, which you really need to buy, if you don't have it already.
Most of what you need to know is detailed on the cover, which I've scanned, and which is A4 because this was one of those wilfully annoying tapes with artwork folded to the size of a 7" single and inserted into a plastic cover of similar dimensions. You've probably heard of the Swell Maps and the Apostles. You will have heard of Mex if you've been following this blog. Magits was the guy or possibly guys who ended up forming Rudimentary Peni. Cult of the Supreme Being were Mex and the late, great Robert Dellar as memorialised in this book.
Anyway, I asked Mex if he had anything he felt like saying for this blog post, and thusly didst he speak:
Twenty-first century reflections on
Another Bouquet on the Grave of Free Enterprise, 1982

It's funny how something from your past is almost erased from memory until it's brought up again, then it suddenly feels like it occurred only yesterday with every detail falling back into place. Well that's the scenario for me with these tapes the late Robert Dellar and I used to compile and distribute back at the beginning of the '80s, when DIY indie music culture hit its pinnacle.

Our main motive for doing it was because much of the material was never going to have any other outlet if we didn't do something about it, but primarily because it was just fun to do and it kept us off the streets!

Ultimately the scene was small and it was primarily friends and friends of friends who ended up getting these tapes in their possession. Probably at most only around a hundred and fifty people got to hear each cassette, although that's a damn sight more than would have heard the music outside of the gigs, had we not issued them in the first place.

Another Bouquet came on the back heels of its predecessor Bouquet of Barbed Wire, which was by far one of our most favoured releases. To my mind Another Bouquet had a more diverse and slightly extra developed sense to it from the aforementioned tape, with the fantastic S-Haters 1980 opener, which I adored, especially the tremendous and incredibly powerful intro performed on it by Fiona Branson. That was the highlight of the compilation for me, although there are other little gems in there that bring back great memories from a more carefree time, which evoked an energy that anything was possible and the world was our oyster. On top of that we were all little rascals and if you told us you couldn't do something, rest assured we'd sure enough find a way to do it! So although our compilation releases didn't echo those with the gloss by corporates such as K-Tel, only being produced on standard shop bought cassettes, photocopied sleeves and sold via mail order (eat your heart out Amazon, we were ahead of the game!), our passion exceeded all, demonstrating where there’s a will, there’s a way.

We didn't exactly set the world on fire but we did produce a microscopic alternative in music against the mainstream of that time, which not only provided us with a backdrop to our own youth, but for a few others as well. With that we are left with great memories and some marginal music that astoundingly still resonates in certain quarters today, and is kept alive all these years on with its continued elevation by progressive luminaries such as Lawrence Burton and Dark Entries Records' Josh Cheon. That is testament alone and makes me gratified to have been involved with a whole scene and bunch of interesting creatives at the time, proving our youth certainly wasn't wasted on the young!
- Paul Mex
Original DIY music architect, DHE co-founder and music producer

1 - S-Haters - 1980
2 -
Gambit of Shame - To Hell with the Carnival
3 -
Kable Truth - Split Head on Paper
4 -
Flying Beechcraft - Tez Mitchell
5 -
Mex - Born to be Killed
6 -
Apostles - Red
7 -
Crunchy Christians - Ask Joe
8 -
Magits - A Pawn in the Game
9 -
Cliff Silver's Stormtroopers from Hell - Extramarital Affair
10 -
Swell Maps - Spitfire Parade
11 -
Cult of the Supreme Being - The New Breed
12 -
Khmer Rouge - Take Me (Across the Floor Tonight) in Dub
13 -
Leitmotiv - I'm Going to Run
14 -
Angry Dufflecoats - Celia's Crazy
15 -
Jasbir Chhina - All My Loving
16 -
Flash Butler's Jazzmen - Architecture

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Friday, 24 August 2018

Antonym - Native Dystopean (1990) C46

Antonym was the work of Anthony G. Burnham, the living dynamo behind Soft Watch, which was, roughly speaking, the Yellow Pages of weirdy tapes, zines and noisy buggers from all over the world. The comparison to Yellow Pages isn't arbitrary because the thing was A4 and about an inch thick, maybe thicker - alphabetically arranged entries on fucking everybody and all written by the man himself, then later supplemented with shorter updates every few months. I drew the cover for the main edition so vaguely knew the guy and spoke to him on the phone on one occasion. I seem to recall that he said he worked a night shift in some hospital and actually spent some of that time sneakily printing off and collating Soft Watch. I was impressed, and yeah - I know there was CLEM and a few other things, but this one was made in Nuneaton, which is quite near where I'm from, and I'm not talking about a tape recorded by the dude who wrote frigging CLEM, mkay?

Ordinarily I might have raised eyebrows and muttered something about people who can't get anyone to listen to their stupid tapes and so start doing fanzines by which they can mention them in passing like it ain't no thing, and mainly because it's exactly the sort of thing I did and continue to do (buy my book, by the way) and it always felt a bit devious; but, Anthony gets special dispensation on the grounds that Soft Watch was such a mammoth and impressive undertaking, and that actually his music is pretty decent, as you will hear.

This was his first tape, I think. I'm not sure what he recorded it on, but the quality suggests a reasonably fancy four track, with influences maybe somewhere between (hazarding a guess) Muslimgauze, early SPK, possibly Severed Heads before they went all Howard Jones; and it's good stuff too.

1 - The Human, Conditioned
2 - Man Infesto
3 - fragment °1
4 - A Debt to Asclepius
5 - fragment °2
6 - Pangloss in Reflection
7 - fragment °3
8 - A Gift for Ix Tab
9 - fragment °4
10 - Malengine Abstract
11 - Party in Dystopia
12 - Saint of Sorrow
13 - fragment °5
14 - Western Culture (petri)
15 - Fragment °6
16 - Grand Guignol
17 - fragment °7
18 - A Human, Deconditioned

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Friday, 17 August 2018

Adventures of Twizzle - Complete Sensory Deprivation (1982) C60

This was AOT's first tape, possibly nothing life changing, but not half bad for something you've probably never heard of. AOT were Saul Pol Koatep and Jude Wilton Keel, as I already explained during the course of previous blog entries which can be found by referring to the index as is linked at the foot of this one. Saul eventually went on to run the Hypnagogia label. Complete Sensory Deprivation, which takes up side two of the tape, comprises excerpts from a presumably longer live performance of the same name, and I've tightened the edits up a little so as to avoid twenty second silences between excerpts. Otherwise, I can't think of a whole lot to say about AOT which I haven't already said. I had a look through the letters I still have from them (because I keep more or less everything) but there isn't really much I can recycle in terms of handily anecdotal material about this particular tape, or indeed about anything actually based in reality.

See what I mean? One day I'll reprint all of their letters in a deluxe collectors' edition and it'll make Codex Seraphinianus look like Katie Price's Perfect Ponies. In the meantime, download the tape, open the windows, turn it up, and scare the crap out of the neighbours.

1 - Sonya
2 - Two Harmonicas and a Mouth Organ
3 - Criminal Violence
4 - Die Verwandlung
5 - Goomlock
6 - Complete Sensory Deprivation (Basement, Newcastle 5/5/82)


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Friday, 10 August 2018

The Last Supper (1984) C70

The Last Supper was probably the better known of the compilations released by Adventures in Reality, released roughly around the time of Third Mind's Red Sand - probably eclipsed by Red Sand to some extent, which is a shame as I'd say it's a tighter compilation with a slightly higher quota of surprises. I think it originally came with issue L of Adventures in Reality, but mine is a presumably later edition, so I didn't get the mag, so if you want scans I'm afraid you'll just have to keep looking. I'm sure they're out there. I've already seen other virtual versions of The Last Supper out there, although the one I downloaded was in mono with each side of the tape digitised as a single track, so this is digitised from my own copy of the tape, with which I've made a bit of fucking effort, know what I mean?

No-one contributing to this tape should really require much introduction, possibly excepting Gorilla Aktiv (of whom I'd never heard at the time but are wonderful and sounded a lot like DAF) and Tex Mirror H (who eventually gave birth to In the Nursery). Otherwise, Alan probably already said it all here. Apparently there's a chance The Last Supper may be getting a CD reissue, at which point this post will disappear for obvious reasons, so enjoy it while you can.

Finally, there's a split second of the Test Department track cutting out on my copy, which sounds like a fault with the copying, maybe a loose connection or something. I've cut and pasted in an effort to repair it, which probably isn't perfect; so if you're tapping your toe to Forward and suddenly feel like you missed a beat, that would be my doing, but I still say it sounds better than a crackle and a moment of silence.

1 - SPK - Ich Klage An
2 -
SPK - Satori
3 -
Gorilla Aktiv - Spiegelbild
4 -
Gorilla Aktiv - Ottos Pornos
5 -
Autentisk Film - Polaroid
6 -
Smersh - X, X, X, Going on L
7 -
Bourbonese Qualk - In the Flesh
8 -
Test Department - Forward
9 -
Audio Leter - A 'Lot' of Time
10 -
Muslimgauze - Metropolis
11 -
Muslimgauze - Trans/Time
12 -
Tex Mirror H - Sister
13 -
Attrition - Mr. Toma

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Monday, 6 August 2018

ESP Kinetic - The Message is No Message (1985) C60

Here's some more ESP Kinetic, once the vehicle of Neil Campbell and Andrew Watson, as you will already know if you downloaded the first one I posted, or if you were actually there. This one sounds a bit more confident to me and, with hindsight, sort of like a cross between Sea of Bliss era Nocturnal Emissions and the Virgin Prunes - which I vaguely recall as being quite refreshing because no-one else putting out tapes really sounded like this at the time, at least in terms of the emphasis on vocals, theatrics, and narrative - assuming that's what I mean.
I had a couple of zines done by these chaps, and notably one which interviewed the Cravats - which impressed me as I've always thought the Shend and co. were very much underappreciated in the weirdy music community. I would have scanned them and included them in the download but for having flogged them on eBay a couple of years ago. Oh well.
You live and learn.
Oh - there's a bonus track. I was sufficiently curious about A Nice Snog, the obligatory backwards song, to wonder what it sounded like forwards, in case there was any amusing hidden lyrics about boys' bottoms or whatever (there aren't). Anyway, I reversed it and the extra-special exclusive rare bonus jackpot bonanaza freebie forwards version is included in the download. Merry Christmas.

1 - Slave is Slave
2 - God in a Leather Box
3 - Silence...
4 - Saturday Nite Church
5 - In Our Afterglow
6 - A Nice Snog
7 - Stoned to Death
8 - Fighting Winter with Fire
9 - Under the Bed
10 - Live Extract - Corby 24/3/84
11 - Hinterland
12 - Honey-Blonde
13 - Two Faces Collide
14 - A Nice Snog (reversed)

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Friday, 27 July 2018

Acrobatic Champions - Inbuilt Psychedelia (1986) C60

Here's the last I have of Mr. Mercer, another one of those I would have released on my Do Easy label but for being skint and having lost all enthusiasm for underground tapes at the time. I didn't actually even ask for this one. He just gave it to me as a compilation of previously unreleased material, even though I hadn't got around to doing anything about releasing Strange Days, his previous tape. All I can remember is that he'd been recording a tape called On the Beach in the college sound studio - all on TEAC using Eno's old EMS suitcase synth and with a bit of a Gira influence on his vocals, fucking excellent and maybe the best thing he'd ever done, I thought - and that was going to be a Do Easy tape, and then suddenly it wasn't and he gave me this instead, and I disliked the title due to my hatred of Pink Floyd; and then nothing happened until last week when I digitised it, and here we are.

With hindsight, this may be the best thing I've heard done by the man - given that I never had a copy of On the Beach: moody soundtrack or ambient work which pisses all over Lustmord, quite frankly, and does a lot of those things which would allow Nine Inch Nails to buy Charles Manson's old house some years later.

World of Alun seems to have been some sort of dig at the late Alun Jones, the former Apricot Brigade drummer who went on to play with the Dentists for a while. Whatever our boy's beef was, I expect it was most likely unjustified and I actually happened to think quite highly of Alun, so I was going to abbreviate the title to just TWOA or something, but ultimately couldnae be bothered. You can't really make out the words anyway, so I don't suppose it matters.

For more information on any of the artists mentioned above, except for the Dentists, please refer to the index, as linked below.

1 - Music for the End of It All
2 - Fish Head
3 - Pointless Song
4 - Another Pirhana After the Tape
5 - World of Alun
6 - Be Myself Again
7 - Marriage in a Western Town
8 - So Excited

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Friday, 20 July 2018

Cassette Music 2 (1993) C60

Here's the second volume of the excellent Personal Soundtracks series, the first of which can still be found here. There's probably not a whole lot I can say which I didn't already say, although there's some information about the artists on the cover of this volume, so if you'd all kindly promise to give it a look, it will save me some time offering useless statements along the lines of I remember seeing Cabbage Head flyers but I never heard nuffink by them. Mindscan was of course Robert Maycock who ran the label of the same name, published Lockjaw zine, and always seemed like a decent guy in his letters, which is why he gets a special mention here. Close inspection of Fungus & Tongue - of whom I had no prior knowledge or recall - reveals them to have included Nathan Coles - guitarist of Academy 23 and UNIT at the same time as me, so that's interesting. At least it's interesting to me because I didn't know that.

That's all I've got (apart from reminding everyone that Patternclear is Phil Clarke of Stress for the millionth time), but thankfully the quality of this one seems to speak for itself.

1 - factor X - URDD
2 - Fungus & Tongue - Night, the Moon
3 - Secret Archive of the Vatican - Fish Drum
4 - Cabbage Head - The Hive Manager  
5 - The Conspiracy - Dave Hammerton  
6 - Mindscan - Crash
7 - Jim Jean - It Was a Dark, Foggy Night
8 - UPL - BFH (edit)
9 - TAC / Eye / fX - Casper
10 - Nux Vomica - Passing a Stone
11 - factor X - Armed w/ a Handgun
12 - Cabbage Head - My God - It's Full of Stars
13 - Patternclear - Inertic (6-7)
14 - Secret Archive of the Vatican - I Often Wonder, Am I Mad?
15 - Technoprimitives - I Desire

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