Friday, 20 October 2017

Introducing the Brides of Christ II (1983) C30

I don't know much about this one. I seem to recall that Trev Ward thought it was so great that he insisted I have a listen, which was effected by him lending me his copy, sending it through the post on the condition that I'd send it back once I was done. So that's what we did, which seems weird with hindsight, but maybe he just didn't want to diddle them out of a sale, which seems fair enough. Anyway, I liked it enough to buy a copy.

So far as I know, this was Rock Wilson and Dave Ryder, also occasionally known as R&D Group 28, a name under which they released one tape (according to Discogs) and appeared on Sterile Records' Earthly Delights compilation. Rock Wilson was also something to do with Apocalypso a Go Go zine, whilst Dave Ryder recorded as Plastic Bag and put a tape out through Larry Peterson's Cause for Concern Tapes which I really fucking wish I had bought at the time. There's a Plastic Bag track on Paranoia is Awareness and it's one of the best things on there in my view.

Anyway, here you go - fundamentalist Christian electronics a good few years before anyone had heard of that other lot. This is arguably one of the odder things thrown up by the whole weirdy tape scene as was, and it still sounds great if you ask me.

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  1. Brides of Christ II was an excellent project. I wrote about them in the first issue of Shocktilt magazine from 2005. Any idea what happened to these guys? I'd tried to get in touch with the R&D Group 28 people for some years but with no luck...

    I've got the R&D Group 28 / Plastic Bag - Nine Million Products of Vice split tape (which contains this recording on one side and Hop the Twig on the other) as well as the second release on the label, "Impromptu Surgery" by R&D 28. The later is really an obscure gem - excellent old school industrial music.
    They had a quite impressive selection of printed matter for sale at the time according to their old mailorder catalogue. Always wished I could see the Trevor Brown zines they released... got a few Apocalypse-a-go-go zines and a zine on Schwarzkogler published by the group.

    If you want anything of this I'd gladly send you copies to repay the great work you're doing with this blog.

    1. Would love to hear Hop the Twig if there's any chance of a digital copy!