Monday, 16 May 2016

Manslaüghter - South of Hebburn (1993) C30

Those regularly suckling at the teat of musical adequacy which is this blog will already know the name of Manslaüghter. If not, it's all here and I don't see why I should have to repeat myself.

South of Hebburn builds upon the solid foundations laid out on the first cassette, taking the genre of furniture metal into new, unexplored, and immeasurably faster and more terrifying realms, as you will hear on classic tracks such as Sofa Bed of Doom and The Fitted Kitchen Related Cattle Mutilation Mystery. They seemed a bit more at home in the studio on this one, and had become pretty tight live as well, if the last four tracks here are any indication - all recorded at the Old Mill, Ferryhill, Co. Durham on Saturday 5th of December, 1992, it says here.

God - what I would have given to have heard this lot on vinyl.

1 - Empty Wardrobe
2 - The Fitted Kitchen Related Cattle Mutilation Mystery
3 - The Vinyl Frontier
4 - Sofa Bed of Doom
5 - Doorway of Entry
6 - Broken Strings
7 - Gene Simmons Codpiece
8 - Manslaüghter

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