Monday, 28 March 2016

Dovers - Rehearsals 2.2, 3 & 4.1 (1987) C90

Here's another one of negligible interest to everybody except those who were actually in the band at the time, namely me and Carl, and it's not even like either of us will be playing this shit on a daily basis; but nevertheless, here it is, should you require it.

The first five tracks are obviously just me pissing about with my Casio SK1 whilst watching Eastenders - note backing vocals by Nick Cotton. The rest is Carl and myself rehearsing, jamming, or whatever the hell you want to call it at Hollytree House in Otham, then at the place I moved to in Glencoe Road in Chatham, and finally at Carl's place in Bermondsey at various times during 1987. I can't be arsed to work out what belongs to which rehearsal and where, or how the previous tape segues into this one, but it probably doesn't matter and an inlay card's worth of notes are included in the download if you care enough to work it out.

For what it may be worth, the arbitrarily named Ghost in My Kilt - end of side one, beginning of side two on the cassette - is here welded into a single track because it seemed to make marginally more sense that way. Also, if you're downloading this out of curiosity due to the presence of two apparent covers of a Slade song, personally I wouldn't bother. That said, most of side two sounds decent to me, thanks in part to Carl having picked up a drum machine which sounds pretty decent recorded through a speaker and over a crappy condenser microphone, and in part to the songs beginning to emerge as songs rather than vaguely repetitive interludes during longer periods of wibbling and general fucking about. Well, that said, it all sounds fine to me, but then it would, wouldn't it?


1 - East End Gristle
2 - Dangerous Farmers
3 - Clocks Ain't Goth
4 - Violent Violin
5 - Beastie Burton
6 - Mucking About
7 - Piece of Meat
8 - Batman's Personal Friend
9 - Robin Hood
10 - Catch the Pigeon
11 - Cum On Feel the Noize I
12 - Cum On Feel the Noize II
13 - Fever
14 - Space Travel
15 - Ghost in My Kilt
16 - Public Image
17 - Beat Me Black & Blue
18 - B.L.A.C.Clowns
19 - A.I.D.X.
20 - Misery List
21 - Fatback
22 - Misery List
23 - B.L.A.C.Clowns
24 - Beat Me Black & Blue

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