Friday, 11 October 2019

Real Time 4 (1982) C90

Here's the fourth one bringing with it an increased emphasis on dreamy (or otherwise) electronic instrumental work, which is no bad thing. Usual terms and conditions apply in regard to who the hell any of these people were, although some you may recall from previous volumes of Real Time. EG Oblique Graph, as you well know, turned into Muslimgauze shortly after, and this track was taken from his Tryptych 7" EP as issued by Recloose. Not having the record myself, it's all new to me, although I note with curiosity that the version some bloke has posted on YouTube seems to run at a different speed to this one, so I have no idea which one is correct unless it's one of those AMAZING RECORDS WHICH THE ARTIST SAYS YOU CAN PLAY AT ANY SPEED SO LONG AS YOU'RE FINE WITH HAVING YOUR MIND BLOWN!!!  I still don't know nuffink about the Ffuts except that they used to be called the Stuff, and I vaguely recall having a fanzine in which they featured and in which they explained why they took to reversing their name, but typically I flogged it on eBay. Oh well. Jung Analysts and Push Button Pleasure are both something to do with one Terry Burrows (pictured above). Paul Kelday, as I only just found out, is or possibly was brother to one of New 7th Music, so that's interesting. I remember his work turning up on a lot of compilation tapes back in the day, and it was always something worth hearing. I really should have picked up a couple of his tapes but never mind.
Don't have much else I can say about this one, except that some guesswork was involved in incrementing the tracks from side one, working out whether such and such a burst of funny noises were the end of one track or the beginning of another - that sort of thing - so if I got it wrong, sorry to those concerned, but you really should have started your tracks with a hearty 1-2-3-4 like a proper band such as Racey or Abrasive Wheels. Also, the Ffuts track is actually two tracks on the tape, running out and cutting off at the end of side one, then abruptly resuming on side two, and listed as parts one and two on the cover. This seemed a bit messy to me so I've edited them into a single piece as it's clearly all part of the same track.

1 - The Critical Disco Review - Sour Tangs
2 -
The Critical Disco Review - The Nomads
3 -
Sons Of Mavis - Poison Ivy
4 -
Sons Of Mavis - 20/20 Vision
5 -
Jonathan Rush - Jomar's Journey [excerpt]
6 -
Vista - New Sky
7 -
EG Oblique Graph - Black Cloth Behind De Gaulle's Wax Head
8 -
Ffuts - The Nuclear Tribe
9 -
Jung Analysts - The Shining Room
10 -
Push Button Pleasure - Reproductions
11 -
Paul Kelday - Worlds Apart [excerpt]
12 -
Syd Nairda - Journey on the Motorway
13 -
Syd Nairda - Sunset in the Desert
14 -
Robert Cox - C352

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  1. there are three paul kelday tapes on plus some samplers and one on plus some more samplers