Friday, 15 July 2016

Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies III (1987) C90

Here we go. You probably know the score by now with this stuff. If not, please refer to previous posting of Spinning Pygmies material as can be found listed in the index. This was our fourth rehearsal, now just myself and Carl fucking about at my place - Hollytree House, Otham, Kent as shown above - almost certainly in my room which would have been the nearest one on the ground floor with the window open. We had a guitar, a Roland Cube with its fuzz thing, some bits of drum kit, and my Casio SK1 keyboard. We made stuff up and recorded it on a tape recorder, if you can imagine that. I'd say this stuff is only really likely to be of interest if you were actually in the band, but fuck it - I personally find it all very listenable now, although I suppose I would say that.

Fuck it. No-one's forcing you to download the thing.

1 - Burning Black & Blue I
2 - Burning Black & Blue II
3 - Why Did Chris Move?
4 - Runciter Swing
5 - Oi! Rides Again
6 - Piece of Meat
7 - Cheesey Cheesey
8 - Ain't No Light
9 - Do the Frug
10 - Check Out Your Pants
11 - He Writes the Songs
12 - Louie Louie I
13 - Sister Ray
14 - Hey Joe
15 - Are You My Mother?
16 - ChogI!
17 - What Elvis Said to Me
18 - Hubba Hubba Frug
19 - Kiss Me Blind
20 - Against the Law
21 - Hold Your Hand
22 - Louie Louie II
23 - Strawberry Feels Fever
24 - Magical Mystery Tor Johnson
25 - Here He Comes Again
26 - A Little Hell from My Friends
27 - Prince Chow Mein

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