Monday, 26 September 2016

Total Big - Rehearsals 7 & 8 (1986) C60

Here's some more Total Big, rehearsals in the kitchen of Hollytree House in the village of Otham in Kent, first fourteen tracks from the 15th of February, 1986 and the rest a couple of weeks later on the 1st of March. This is the fourth Total Big cassette I've slapped up on this blog, and if you think the first three were fucking amazing (a scenario I imagine might be facilitated by it being the first music you've ever heard in the event of your having been raised by hogs on a desert island) then you're in luck because this is more of the same. Total Big were myself playing my trusty Teisco guitar, Chris on drums, and Carl on vocals, which I mention because I can't remember what I said about the band in previous entries and can't be arsed to check. This one sounds quite garagey to me, what with the drums pounding away louder than the guitar, although it may be just because I'm presently reading a book about music in the Medway towns, Billy Childish and all that - albeit a book about music in the Medway towns so violently definitive that it mentions Tim Webster a grand total of once in the first three-hundred pages and yet has already mentioned fucking Dodgy (who were shit and don't actually come from or have any association with Medway) five or six times for the sake of comparison.

Total Big's pounding rhythms owe much to the Crucial Trifles and Oasis and they were kind of like the Kaiser Chiefs of their day blah blah blah Jo Whiley blah blah Chatham dockyard blah blah rich musical heritage rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb...

1 - Louie Louie
2 - Sister Ray
3 - Louie Louie
4 - He Writes the Songs
5 - Rock Sandwich
6 - Are You My Mother?
7 - Call It What You Want
8 - Wham
9 - Cold Sore Herpes B
10 - Louie Louie
11 - Sister Ray
12 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
13 - Hail Fellow Well Met
14 - Twist, Hold It Back!
15 - Louie Louie
16 - Sister Ray
17 - Ouch!!!
18 - He Writes the Songs
19 - Rock Sandwich
20 - Are You My Mother?
21 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'

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