Friday, 20 December 2019

A Couple of Andy Fraser Demos

To start at the end, there's Unlucky Fried Kitten whom I wrote about here. Rage Against Florence + the Machine can be acquired for a mere fiver here, and I think the first album, which is similarly great, can be had for the same price from the same blog, except I can't find the Paypal button so you may have to root around for a bit, or just ask Andy or something. Unlucky Fried Kitten is mostly Andy Fraser, occasionally known as Andy Export, of Maidstone, Kent - not to be confused with the late Man's Hate bloke (who has also turned up on this blog). Prior to Unlucky Fried Kitten there have been about a million other names under which he's bashed the triangle, and here are two.
I don't even remember how I came by these tapes. I've a feeling they were given to some student union bloke at Maidstone College of Art in the hope of getting a gig, and were eventually passed on to me as the sort of thing I might like, except I finished at Maidstone Art College in 1987 and at least one of these didn't happen until 1988, so as I say I don't know how they found their way onto my shelves. Also, I'd already seen Andy singing with the Martini Slutz by this point and immediately recognised Revenge and Underground Worker as tracks they had played live (Churchill's in Chatham, I think)...
Also, both tapes were single sided, missing the tracks listed as being on side two on the covers, so I don't know what went on there either.
What do I actually know?
Trooping of the Squalor seems to have been a very early version of what became the title track of, and God I wish there had been a tape of the Martini Slutz, but never mind - these are still pretty great, in my view.

1 - Pop Group
2 - Lazy Love

1 - Revenge
2 - Weather Permitting
3 - Trooping of the Squalor   
4 - Underground Worker

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