Friday, 1 February 2019

Impulse 5 (1993) C40

Here's the fifth Impulse tape, and in case anyone was wondering, yes, I somehow missed issue four and never had a copy. I haven't scanned the mag on this occasion because I couldn't be bothered after a certain moaning wanker slagged me off on Twatter last time I shared one of these things, whining what the fuck have you done to our track?, somehow having failed to take into account that it was digitised from a tape which came out nearly thirty years ago, and a tape run off by one of those duplication services and therefore done on the cheap so as to make it practical to give it away with a fanzine, thus meaning people who had never heard of your music would then be exposed to it and might even thusly go forth and buy your fucking records and make you rich despite nothing resembling hard work on your part unless you believe programming a drum machine somehow falls under the heading of graft, your Royal Highness. You'll also notice a certain bit of old tape wobble on a couple of these tracks, so if it's a problem that something you're getting for free isn't quite up to your exacting standards, then simply don't download the fucker, mkay?
Anyway, if anyone really feels they need to see the mag that came with this tape, give me a nudge in the comments box and I'll get around to scanning and add it to the download when I get time.
You'll probably have heard of a few of these, particularly factor X, Pessary, Smersh, Brume and Left Hand Right Hand whom I only recently found out occasionally featured Karl Blake as well as Charlie Collins form Clock DVA. There's a fair bit of techno on this one, but most of it is pretty well done, and thankfully lacking the usual suggestions of the guy with too much technology pretending to be a frost-faced Matrix cyberstormtrooper in his bedroom in his mum's house; and I'm kicking myself that I never got anything by Left Hand Right Hand.

1 - factor X - Determinants
2 -
DsorDNE - Orgasme III
3 -
Terraform - Meld
4 -
Pessary - Dark Shadows
5 -
Cathedra - Voices
6 -
Smersh - Crazy Orange Atom - Do You Remember Love?
7 -
Agonije - Un Soffio Di Immagine
8 -
Left Hand Right Hand - White City
9 -
Brume - Zindoo

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  1. Thanks for all the great music you've been posting. I had a lot of these tapes back then and it's fantastic to be able to hear that music again!
    All the best...