Monday, 14 March 2016

Spinning Pygmies - Spinning Pygmies II (1987) C60

I've already told the full boring story in as much detail as anyone could possibly need, so I refer you to this previous blog entry in order to avoid repeating myself. This second tape featured our second and third rehearsals, such as they were, with a line up of Carl and myself augmented - if that's quite the right word - by Garreth Roberts, usually playing second guitar, and Mark Smith on sax depending who had bothered to turn up on time. Both sessions occurred at Hollytree House, Otham, Kent during the Spring of 1987, and actually most of this is the second rehearsal but for tracks ten to twelve as listed below, which comprise the third.

Preamble was recorded some time later by myself with a guitar and a Casio keyboard sat in front of a tape recorder, hence the distinct difference in quality. It's actually one of four tracks on the original cassette which I presume I recorded alone for the sake of filling up the tape, and one of these tracks mentions the Dovers - the group we became in the wake of Spinning Pygmies - so it must have been a bit later. I haven't included the rest of these solo tracks in the download because the other three are all just me impersonating Carl and singing about being gay and how I regularly entertain sailors in my flat and so on - this being an example of my retarded sense of humour. I would argue that the censored tracks are too inept and stupid to be mistaken for genuine homophobia, but listening back to them now makes me nevertheless uncomfortable mainly because they're shite even by my unambitious standards, and just not very funny.

Mind you, I'm not saying the rest of this is particularly amazing, but there are probably bits you could play to Wire reading arseholes as obscure Faust outtakes or something, especially the stuff with Mark playing sax.

1 - Money Can't Buy
2 - Appreciate You Being Round
3 - Noise
4 - No Cigars
5 - Makes No Sense
6 - Preamble
7 - Black and Blue
8 - Deliverance
9 - Duelling Kazoos
10 - CNAM
11 - Here's Fatty I
12 - Here's Fatty II

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