Monday, 9 September 2019

Real Time 1 (1982) C90

Some Digital Dinosaurs yesterday.

I thought I'd run out of compilation tapes, having digitised all of those in my possession, then remembered that Robert Cox, the man behind Unlikely Records, had very kindly sent me digitised files of the volumes of his Real Time series which I hadn't already posted here. So these are tapes from the eighties which I've only heard this year for the first time, which is exciting. The two volumes I have in my physical possession were posted here and here,  and I'm sharing those links so as to avoid having to repeat myself as to what Real Time was all about.

I'm pretty much in the dark about most of these people. I recall the Digital Dinosaurs from back in the day, and it turns out they were from Coventry so I probably read about them in Martin Bowes' Alternative Sounds. There's a bit about them here, and I've just noticed that the excellent Mr. Zchivago has a shitload of material on his Die or DIY? blog. In Embrace were something to do with the guy from 3 Way Dance and Peter Becker of Eyeless in Gaza, amongst others, and I remember What a Nice Way to Turn Seventeen fanzine of Leamington Spa going positively apeshit over their album, from which I assume these excerpts are taken. I also recall Jonathan Rush from somewhere or other, and the Ffuts used to be known as the Stuff. I'm sure you all know who was behind EG Oblique Graph, and the Same was Robert Cox himself, which is why it probably reminds you of Rimarimba. I don't know anything about the rest, but hopefully you'll agree this is a nice little collection, full of surprises. Quite keen on the Emergency Exit tracks myself.

I'll post volume two in another couple of weeks once I'm back from my holiday in Airstrip One.

1 - Syd Nairda - Nevada
2 -
Lurch - High-Steppin' Mamma
3 -
Digital Dinosaurs - Sideways Man
4 -
Digital Dinosaurs - Red Fire Engine
5 -
Jonathan Rush - Synthasalsa
6 -
Jonathan Rush - New Dawn
7 -
Y Celfi Cam - Mab y Gweinidog
8 -
In Embrace - [excerpts]
9 -
EG Oblique Graph - Scar
10 -
The Ffuts - Luscious Love
11 -
The Same - 453-549
12 -
Tom Cramp & the Epileptic Ducks - Die for Doggy
13 -
R.J. Curd - [excerpts]
14 -
Emergency Exit - Falling for You
15 -
Emergency Exit - Voices
16 -
Part Form - [excerpts]
17 -
Future Future - Operator
18 -
The Toy Shop - [excerpts]
19 -
Extension-Two - Gaps
20 -
General Motors - Tubular Turd
21 -
General Motors - Live Wasp Omelette, Lung
22 -
Piers of the Realm - Manic
23 -
Someone Else - Something Else
24 -
The Same - Set Zero
25 -
The Same - Hot & Cold
26 -
The Same - Larruping Shuftly
27 -
The Same - If You Want To, Do So!
28 -
The Same - Du Ma Casa
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  1. You only just noticed the Digital Dinosaurs on Die Or DIY? glaring oversight contracted to this handy acronym...D.D.D.D.!...i've always wanted more by Lurch in my collection,but it has eluded my lacklustre efforts.....The Emergency Exits are rather good indeed.

  2. hello,

    i've posted this not too long agao on an old post (apostles live academy 108 - may 10th 2019), no reply so do that means thats a no or you just haven't notice, maybe???

    would it be possible to have flac rip of them, like you once did for those academy 23 live tapes.
    i should be after these:
    Apostles - Live at the Academy 108 (1989) C90
    Apostles - Cartography (1987) C90
    Apostles - Will I Ever Be Free? (1985) C90
    Apostles - Live at the Recession Club 21/9/83
    Apostles - Christ! It's the Apostles! (1983) C30
    Apostles - Topics for Discussion (1983) C90
    Apostles - Libertarian Propaganda (1982) C90

    (2nd dark age demo, you already provide the flacs or i have some them elsewhere)

    thank you very much (because the apostles is for sure a band you hate to love hahaha)