Monday, 7 October 2019

Real Time 3 (1982) C90

Here's the third one, and possibly the best so far (ignoring that I posted volumes five and seven some time ago) by my estimation - hard to believe it was compiled by means presumably similar to throwing bricks from the top of a double decker bus travelling down a busy high street and expecting them to brain only persons with some degree of talent; unless Mr. Cox rejected anyone's contribution as being too crap, although I'm fairly sure I recall him stating that everyone who sent something for Real Time was represented in one way or another.

As usual, a few of these will have to speak for themselves, besides which, if you're reading this then you too have internet access and are just as able to research a few of these names as I am. Both Oi Polloi and Anhrefrn (pictured above) should be sufficiently famous for you to have heard of them, I would have thought, although being as this tape dates from 1982, this stuff actually came out almost a decade before I'd heard of either. I vaguely recall getting a letter from the Infamous Zeek & Giz back when I was running a tape label, but I was a bit put off by 1) the Infamous prefix, given that I'd never heard of them, 2) frequent reference to what they termed comedy tapes, and 3) the proposition that I might like to engage in swapsies - it all felt a bit too much like you don't have to be mad to work here, BUT IT HELPS! Thankfully though, their music is decent, and I probably would have enjoyed it back then were it not for the reservations already given; and idid idid apparently once had a split tape with New 7th Music on a label called Rock Against Elvis Costello, which is amusing.

I don't know nuffink else. Favourites artists here - Trendy Turtles and the Invisible Band, but it's all pretty good.

1 - Trendy Turtles - Hickory Dickory
2 -
Trendy Turtles - Instrumental
3 -
Trendy Turtles - Bamber
4 -
The Genitals - Our Eyes Met
5 -
The Genitals - Sound of the Spa
6 -
Sons of the Electrodes - Bear in Mind
7 -
Oi Polloi - Police State
8 -
Oi Polloi - Poppy Day
9 -
Oi Polloi - No Future
10 -
Oi Polloi - Media
11 -
Lurch - Hush Little Baby
12 -
Yr Anhrefrn - Stwffiwch Y Dolig
13 -
Yr Anhrefrn - Ynni O'r Sebon
14 -
Terminal Spectators - Another Day
15 -
Terminal Spectators - Reach for the Sky
16 -
The Infamous Zeek & Giz - Ronnie & the Rayguns
17 -
The Infamous Zeek & Giz - My Brain is Infested with Mince
18 -
Future Future - 21st Century (Dreams)
19 -
Graham Larkbey - You Look So Lovely Tonight
20 -
Graham Larkbey - Your Husband Didn't Like It
21 -
The Invisible Band - Alazarin's Castle
22 -
The Invisible Band - Doin' the Ton
23 -
idid idid - Moloko Plus
24 -
Ron Ferret - Wasps
25 -
Ron Ferret - Train of Thought

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