Monday, 3 December 2018

Ceramic Hobs - Station Bar 17/6/03 (2003) C40

The photo is actually from a Mad Pride gig at the Garage in London a couple of days later, in case anyone was wondering, and I think it was probably taken by my friend Rob Colson who now writes dinosaur books for kids. The Ceramic Hobs are from Blackpool, were formed back in the eighties, and are still in existence today, albeit as a sort of tribute to themselves (well, that's how Simon made it sound to me). Someone or other - possibly the late, great Robert Dellar - described them as the last real punk band, which sort of works.

This is a live tape, obviously, but one which seemed to warrant digitisation because it's a fucking good tape, and the quality is such that it could quite easily be pressed up on vinyl without it seeming too wilful an act. I've taken the liberty of tarting it up a bit, repairing a couple of drop outs and sewing the end of side one onto the beginning of side two etc.

 There have been a million line-ups of the Ceramic Hobs, so I'm not sure which this one was beyond that Stan Batcow was a member. The songs mostly appeared on their first three studio albums, and many reappear on the excellent Black Pool Legacy compilation, which you need if you don't already have it. I think there are a few of them still knocking around. Also, seeing as Christmas is coming up and I'm sure we're all looking for something for that difficult aunt or uncle, Simon has written a couple of novellas or chapbooks or whatever you would call them, which are available from Amphetamine Sulphate and come with my sturdiest recommendation, as does the rest of the AS catalogue for what it may be worth.

1 - Knight's Move
2 - Native American Healing Chant
3 - Would You Like to Kiss Me?
4 - Atomic Clock
5 - Xanadu in Veins
6 - Amateur Cops
7 - Lone Twister
8 - Rainbow Self-Realisation Therapy
9 - Pirate Night
10 - Raven
11 - M61
12 - When I Was a Little Boy
13 - Shaolin Master

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