Monday, 15 July 2019

Orient Cycles - Nerves (1981) C10

This one will make sense mostly to those of a particular vintage living in or around Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire back at the start of the eighties, and may seem a little underwhelming to everyone else, so you have been warned. The Orient Cycles were our local mod band and featured Julian Caddy - or Cloppo as we knew him, for reasons I never fully understood - Huw James, and Chris Beer on the skins. I never saw them, but only knew them by repute, which admittedly wasn't very good and mainly consisted of one of the bigger kids referring to them as the Urine Cycles. Anyway, my little gang of hairy pals enjoyed a brief spell of hanging out with Cloppo down Shipston sportsfield one summer. He was older than us and very, very funny, plus being in a band automatically earned our admiration. I think this tape came from my friend Graham's older brother, Martin (of the Abstracts) - a rehearsal tape of a presumed Orient Cycles original, plus jamming based on Secret Affair's I'm Not Free (But I'm Cheap). I told you it wouldn't make much sense unless you already knew who they were.

The Dragon was of course the Green Dragon in Stratford-upon-Avon, recently converted into desirable luxury lifestyle units suitable for fucking wankers with neither a conscience nor a sense of history. I can't remember where I found the poster, but it may have been Jez Randall (also of the Abstracts) on facebook. Anyway, it was a photo taken on someone's phone so I did what I could to tidy it up a bit. I suspect it may have been the work of Cloppo as it seems consistent with what I can recall of his sense of humour.

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Friday, 5 July 2019

Headmen - 1986 Demo Tape (1986) C30

Here's some more material excavated from the tapes to which they were copied, and reconstructed much like one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. The Headmen sent me the first six tracks inviting me to pick something for the third Do Easy compilation tape - which never happened, in case you were wondering. I think I was going to use Resolution, so the bloke did a new mix and sent it to me along with something else he'd been working on, so those are the last two tracks here. He also sent the above page for the proposed booklet which would accompany the tape, but obviously didn't in the end.

...and that's about as much as I know. I didn't keep the bloke's letters (hard to believe but I don't actually hang onto everything) although I have a vague impression of his name being Richard Smith, or Richard something, or maybe John Smith, or somebody or other Smith, and possibly from Redding... maybe. There were tracks by the Headmen on a couple of volumes of Mindscan Tapes' UK Electronics series which I assume would have been the same operation, so maybe Rob Maycock would have an idea, assuming he's out there somewhere.

Shame I don't know more because I was quite impressed with how expensive this material sounded - far from the usual tapes of people's lawnmowers I was getting sent at the time. It's something in the general vicinity of Nagamatzu or early Attrition if you need further inducement.

1 - Resolution
2 - Snake Eyed
3 - The Magus
4 - Waiting
5 - City 7
6 - Glass
7 - Resolution (version)
8 - Untitled

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Monday, 1 July 2019

Konstruktivists - 1983 Home Recordings (1983) C30

There was a time when I had a whole stack of tapes with just two or three tracks on them, these being things people had sent me, usually for inclusion on some compilation or other. Then at some point during the nineties, I filled up a few of these tapes (which were mostly blank excepting two or three tracks of the type described) with the two or three tracks from other mostly empty cassettes so as to have all of that stuff in one place, because I like things to be nice and tidy. This week, for the sake of a change of pace I've digitised a couple of the resulting C90s with the plan to release them back into the wild in their original form just as nature intended (except for these being downloads rather than physical tapes, obviously), so here we go...

This one was Glenn of Konstruktivists filling up one side of a C60 for tracks I might use on the first Do Easy compilation, and I should probably also mention that I further milked the same Kow a couple of years later when it came to putting together this one. Anyway, as the tape Glenn sent me was one which I filled with other people's stuff on side two, this was my master and is hence probably marginally better quality than is the same material as it appeared on the Do Easy tapes. I've a feeling I may also have nicked one of the bass patterns for Dada X, while we're here.

Glenn sent this just before Black December, the third Konstruktivists album, was issued by Third Mind and you may recognise a couple of the Eastern Vein demos as formative versions of material which turned up on that album - I can't be arsed to check which ones, and I've a feeling that the other two may therefore be tracks which were never expanded upon. I vaguely remember Glenn telling me that at the time of recording this material, he usually worked on his music at home on a four-track portastudio, then transferred the portastudio tapes to eight or possibly sixteen track at IPS and pumped them up into the versions we've heard on the records. I've also included a scan of the letter Glenn wrote when he sent me this tape in the download in case it's of any interest.

1 - Mansonik 2 (version)
2 - Eastern Vein I
3 - Eastern Vein II
4 - Eastern Vein III
5 - Eastern Vein IV
6 - Bass Pattern I
7 - Bass Pattern II


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Friday, 21 June 2019

The Sound of Hate 5 (1992) C60

...and here's the other one I have, dating from the highlighter pen years. You will have heard of all of the contributors, or you won't have. I don't know. Maybe you could have a look on the internet or something.

Another decent collection. I probably should have stocked up on these back when it was an option, but I always seemed to be skint. Oh well. Not sure why Cacophony '33' was just a number on this one. Maybe he was skint too and couldn't afford the extra letters. Unusually attentive readers will probably notice I've changed all instances of the term extract, as featured on the cover, to excerpt because it are seems more grammarfied. An excerpt can be from a longer piece of music, whereas extract is usually from almonds and may be used when forming cakes, unless you're Steve Fricker. Sorry. It bothered me.

1 - '33' - Cacultocophony (excerpt I)
2 -
La Función de Repulsa - Kill The Toreros Cabro #87
3 -
Taint - #3. III
4 -
Academy 23 - Homage to Anton La Vey
5 -
Another Headache - Twilight's Last Gleaming
6 -
Maylin Pact - Almost Not Quite (excerpt)
7 -
Grey Wolves - Nacht und Nebel
8 -
'33' - Cacultocophony (excerpt II)
9 -
Academy 23 - Terrorphilia
10 -
Another Headache - Cacophony Concerto, Third Movement
11 -
Mindscan - Distress
12 -
Grey Wolves - Cold Steel Odour

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Monday, 17 June 2019

The Sound of Hate 3 (1991) C60

Please refer to previous posts if you're still working on the assumption that the Grey Wolves were actually a Combat 18 recruitment tool as opposed to, you know, just ramming it right down our throats in the hope that maybe we might wake the fuck up. Cheers.
The Sound of Hate was a series of five (to the best of my knowledge) compilation tapes issued by Trev in the early nineties, of which I have just two volumes - this one and five which I'll probably post next week. What surprised me the most about this one, having dug it out of the pile and slapped it in the deck, is that the general sound is a lot more varied than you might expect - plenty of noise, but other elements too, which makes for genuinely unpredictable and exciting listening in my book. Most of the tracks appear on the tape without breaks, so presenting two continuous blocks of sound, and I've more or less edited it in keeping with this ideal rather than inserting the two seconds digital silence at the end of each track as I usually do. This also means that in a couple of cases I found it difficult to tell where certain tracks ended, giving way to something else, so hopefully my application of titles matches the actual material. If not, blame Trev back in 1991.

If you've read this far, I'm assuming you will be at least as familiar with a couple of these names as I am, thus saving me the effort of introductions or explaining how one might use the internet to look stuff up on Discogs. We all remember Pessary and factor X, don't we?

1 - AX 66 - Intensifier
2 -
Traitor - Scum
3 -
Pessary - Untitled (part three)
4 -
Pessary - Untitled (part seven)
5 -
MØHR - Ein Neubeginn
6 -
Enema Och Gejonte - Dedicated to Cantor Hyman Millman
7 -
Batchas - Myiase Tape Extract
8 -
Allimentation Generale - Myiase Tape Extract
9 -
Mindscan - The Pain is the Pleasure
10 - (exit to side one)
11 - (introduction to side two)
12 -
Traitor - XK2.521
13 -
MØHR - Das Ende Einer Famile
14 -
Pessary - Untitled (part twenty-two)
15 -
factor X - Untitled
16 -
Grey Wolves - Sex Death Ritual
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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Operation Mind Control - Receiver Generation (1991) C40

I'm not sure there's much I can say about this one, beyond that it's the work of Richard who used to run Chainsaw Cassettes in east London - which I somehow only realised just now when looking on Discogs - and very good it is too, cheaply recorded I would guess, but he achieved a very convincing sound with whatever it was he was doing. I really should have bought a few more things from his catalogue back when I had the chance, but never mind.

1 - Hate
2 - Wrongful Death Suits
3 - Sloburn
4 - Cold, Dead Fingers
5 - Strain
6 - Black & White
7 - Chrome DNA II
8 - 1,000 Ugly
9 - Fluorescent
10 - Comjunk
11 - Drop Circuit

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Saturday, 1 June 2019

Regular - Music 1980-1988 (1988) C90

Long term inmates will already have been exposed to the work and existence of John Jasper here, here, here and possibly also here - paragraph nine onwards if you want to cut to the chase. This was one of a number of tapes John ran off for me when I first met him, something to give me an idea of where he was coming from; and, as you will hear, he was coming from somewhere roughly equidistant between PIL's Metal Box and Adrian Sherwood's On-U label, but with enough of his own thing to oblige the rest of us to at least have to work at spotting the influences. John had a weird habit of occasionally mixing his own stuff up with that which had patently been recorded by other people - notably one thing he claimed some friend had sent to him which I almost immediately recognised as Keith LeBlanc's Major Malfunction album. The last time I saw him - late nineties, I think - he passed me a tape of his work with a few tracks sounding suspiciously like something off the Leftfield album. Anyway, I'm reasonably certain this one was all John, excepting that I played the bass on February '88 (the first thing we collaborated on), and the first two tracks of side two were from a Jah Wobble record, which I haven't included here for obvious reasons; and as for recorded live at the Hope & Anchor, sure, John, whatever you say...

Frankly, this guy was funny as fuck and an artistic leviathan where his music was concerned. Had he been able to resist weaving all those weird self-defeating webs of mystery and half truth around his efforts, we might now be buying the 180gsm vinyl reissues of a massive back catalogue rather than hearing it for the first time as a download of a tape that's been sat at the bottom of a cardboard box for the last couple of decades, but never mind. If it weren't for all the bewildering subterfuge, he probably wouldn't have been John.

1 - A Joke from the Neck
2 - Scratch
3 - Version Yellow I
4 - Version Yellow II
5 - Metal West
6 - Disco (Jerk Off)
7 - Three Cat Juggle
8 - Ground Under Sound
9 - Metro (with Colour)
10 - Shortwave Globetrot
11 - (no title)
12 - February '88
13 - Absence
14 - Into Thin Air
15 - Dry
16 - Collage
17 - Mind Sweeps Back
18 - Rubberneck
19 - A Joke from the Neck II

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