Friday, 28 September 2018

Total Big - Rehearsals 19 & 20 (1986) C90

Carl played the guitar group instead of Total Big.

I know what you think, but this is my blog, so it's tough. No one can force you to do such a download. And I'm sure Grey Wolves C90 is pushing and recording next week. In any case, this is the last Total Big belt. I believe these songs ended shortly after recording. Both attempts took place at the Hollytree House in Ottawa, Kent. The first eighteen songs were Saturday, November the 8th, 1986. The rest of the day was two weeks on the 22nd day of the same month. Then on Tuesday, December the 9th, we went to a night work event to protest the suggestion to reduce the art education fund at Maidstone Art College. Carl, Chris and I attended the Mark Smith's saxophone, our kit is He Believes, Are You My Mother (Or Just A Hole In The Ground?), Rock Sandwich, Louie Louie, Sister Ray, Hey Joe, You're Okay, Keep Your Dreams A'Burning, Do The Frug, and All Day And All Of The Night. For some reason, we did not record it. As you may have noticed, we've done everything.

I believe that, shortly after this article, Chris moved to Dover, or perhaps already moved, but temporarily lifted. In any case, this is the last Total Big belt. My diary does not have any details about Carl's rock music, and I went to June 1987.

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1 - Catch the Pigeon
2 - Rock Sandwich
3 - Carry On Sid
4 - He Writes the Songs
5 - He Believes
6 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
7 - Louie Louie
8 - Sister Ray
9 - Hey Joe
10 - Armchair Maniac
11 - Are You My Mother?
12 - Hail Fellow Well Met
13 - Love to You
14 - Check Out Your Pants
15 - Cold Sore Herpes B
16 - Moses
17 - Badtime Baby
18 - He Believes
19 - Catch the Pigeon
20 - Check Out Your Pants
21 - Born in the Woods
22 - He Writes the Songs
23 - I'm Not Losing Sleep
24 - Louie Louie
25 - Sister Ray
26 - Hey Joe
27 - Precinct
28 - Do the Frug I
29 - He Believes
30 - Are You My Mother?
31 - Keep Your Dreams A'Burnin'
32 - Check Out Your Pants
33 - Do the Frug II
34 - Do the Frug III
35 - Do the Frug IV

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Friday, 21 September 2018

Sinn & Form (1982) C60

I've had a look around, assuming Sinn & Form must surely have had a CD reissue by this point, but apparently not so here it is. There was Red Sand, Last Supper, Sudden Surge of Power and Sinn & Form felt like the other massive blockbusting compilation of the day, at least to me; and this was where I first heard most of these artists.

I'm not sure who Metadrive are or were and I don't have much idea about Kopf/Kurz (beyond that BR's Experiment is probably the highlight of the tape, if you ask me), but the rest were pretty big names, relatively speaking, so probably don't require much of an introduction.

I scanned the booklet too, by the way. There's a naughty picture in there, so be warned.

1 - Esplendor Geométrico - Sin Titulo
2 -
Esplendor Geométrico - Fungus Cerebri
3 -
Nocturnal Emissions - Whisky a Go Go, London 23/5/82 (excerpt)
4 -
MB - MUUNH (excerpt)
5 -
P16D4 - Neue Muster
6 -
Kopf/Kurz - BR's Experiment
7 -
Ptôse Production - Ecraser la Vermine
8 -
Pseudo Code - Wondering Why (Pseudo Product 14)
9 -
Metadrive - Sverige
10 -
Human Flesh - Harmonie (4th Human Attempt)
11 -
Creative Technology Institute - City of Spirits
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Friday, 14 September 2018

Smell & Quim - The English Method (1988) C60

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the English Method changed my life, but it was definitely a revelation inspiring the question of why no-one had done it before. My own small corner of noisy DIY electronic shite had become unusually po-faced by about 1987, which is why I lost interest and took to reading X-Men comics. Popping my head back in to see if anyone was still around circa. 1991 or thereabouts, I realised that if I'd just hung on for another six months...

I appreciate that a lot of Nurse With Wound is essentially Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, but the jokes worked better if you'd been to art college, where Smell & Quim were a bit more Max Miller. Andy Martin described them as the Chas & Dave of power electronics, and I'm not sure that's entirely fair, but as descriptions go I suppose it does a job. I don't personally regard them as a novelty act or a comedy troupe, because it seems retarded to make such a distinction purely on the grounds of something having a sense of humour, rather than being stood in a corner sucking its cheeks in and thinking about Baudelaire.

Just listen to the fucker, okay?

Also, remember to wash your hands afterwards.

1 - Smelly Quim
2 - Nipples on Buttocks
3 - Shaft of a Goad
4 - Lurve
5 - The Gospel Accordion To James Anderton
6 - Man with Spirit
7 - Woman with Spunk
8 - Spirit Log Supplemental
9 - Encased In Rubber
10 - Fucker (live in Barnsley)
11 - Two Way Passages
12 - Paranoid
13 - Nag's Head
14 - Reprise
15 - Bunghole
16 - The English Method
17 - Yah Fucking Bastard

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Opera for Infantry - Live 1984 (1984) C60

This was never released, and I don't think it was intended for release, but Trev sent me a copy so here it is. Opera for Infantry - whom younger readers may know better as the Grey Wolves - had taken to performing as a more traditional punk act with guitars and pogoing (presumably), as I already explained here. This was a recording of one of those gigs at Amesbury Sports Centre, May 1984. It's a bit of a racket and I was never entirely certain of what the individual songs were called and have therefore left it as a single piece of music, so you could probably still pretend it's Ramleh if you like.

The rest of the tape was filled with three tracks more recognisably by OFI. It Was Another was apparently a work in progress. The tape actually sounds like it contains five or six pieces of music, and my guess is that a couple of those pieces are actually a single track with a poor quality edit in the middle, so I've had to use my skill and judgement to decide what is what. This also means that Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man may actually be the second half of Barking at Planes, and the thing I've given the title of Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man may be just a field recording made on the cassette which Trev later taped over when making me a copy of their live gig - I don't know.

1 - Amesbury Sports Centre 12/5/84
2 - It Was Another
3 - Barking at Planes
4 - Tears and Laughter for a Drowned Man

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