Friday, 29 June 2018

Eat the Rich (1984) C60

For some reason I thought I'd aready digitised this one, but I hadn't, so here it is, nearly a year after Political Piggies, the compilation to which it was a follow up, and another obscure chapter in the prehistory of the Grey Wolves. I seem to remember it came out pretty quickly after the first tape, even too quick for me to spam the poor buggers with yet another brace of underwhelming Do Easy contributions in a doomed attempt to spread the word far and wide so that I wouldn't have to get a proper job when I left college.

If you're a regular here, you should know at least a few of these names. The Unkommuniti was Tim from Stereolab with a few others, Brides of Christ II were this lot, Opera for Infantry were er... the Grey Cubs, I suppose, and Pacific 231 was, or rather is, Pierre Jolivet who seems to have kept himself busy over the years. Mass of Black had a couple of tapes on the Subhumans' label. A-Void appears to have been a very early Stan Batcow thing, from what I can tell, unless it's a different A-void to the one listed on Discogs. It does sound a bit like him though. As for the rest, if you're reading this on something with internet access, then you're in as good a position as I am when it comes to typing names into a search engine. Discogs seems to acknowledge that most of the others existed, but beyond revealing that Kteis Sekret once appeared on the same compilation tape as 23 Skidoo, there's not a whole lot I can tell you.

1 - Unkommuniti - Yog Introduction
2 -
Geschlekt Akt - The Slave
3 -
Brides of Christ II - The Tongues of Boys & Girls
4 -
Society's Victims - Reject Religion
5 -
Opera for Infantry - Self Discipline
6 -
The Cause for Concern - Psychick Pillocks
7 -
Dark Party - Night Nurse
8 -
Mass of Black - Invision
9 -
Berlinerluft - Point 1
10 -
Society's Victims - Army
11 -
Dark Party - The Edge
12 -
Kteis Sekret - Fleischhaken
13 -
A-Void - Necropolis
14 -
Opera for Infantry - Laughter for Drowned Men
15 -
Mass of Black - Overseer
16 -
Unkommuniti - On the Washington Monument
17 -
Pacific 231 - Useless Weapon (extract)
18 -
A-Void - God is Dead

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Monday, 25 June 2018

Human Trapped Rhythms - And to Z (1984) C60

There's a chance you may remember Human Trapped Rhythms from their (or, I suppose, his) album, Drowning and Falling in You. If not, then I already wrote as much as I know in this review, so it might be worth having a look at that because I can't be arsed to write it all out again. If you regularly follow this blog, there's also a chance you will have encountered HTR on the Moraals compilation.
Anyway, this was the tape which came out before either the album or the Do Easy compilation, and which was later issued on Anal Probe. My copy was from when Peter himself was sending them out to people, and there's also a booklet of artwork illustrating each track, so I've scanned that and it comes with the download.

I'm not sure there's much more I can say about this tape. I hadn't listened to either it or the album in a couple of decades due to a long period of finding myself less than settled, so - as with a few things - this has been a little like listening to something for the first time, for me. I remember that I always though Human Trapped Rhythms sounded interesting but a little too minimal for their own good, but I think I've finally begun to appreciate where the guy was coming from. This is some really quiet, powerful music, and it isn't really quite like anything else - so give it a few listens and a chance to settle in.

1 - The Being
2 - Tunnel Vision
3 - Tomorrow's Lie
4 - Rise to Power
5 - Hero Worship
6 - Time Lines II
7 - But Feeling
8 - The Figure
9 - Burn Body
10 - Sex-Sake
11 - The Eternal Becoming
12 - Bastard Dance

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