Friday, 20 July 2018

Cassette Music 2 (1993) C60

Here's the second volume of the excellent Personal Soundtracks series, the first of which can still be found here. There's probably not a whole lot I can say which I didn't already say, although there's some information about the artists on the cover of this volume, so if you'd all kindly promise to give it a look, it will save me some time offering useless statements along the lines of I remember seeing Cabbage Head flyers but I never heard nuffink by them. Mindscan was of course Robert Maycock who ran the label of the same name, published Lockjaw zine, and always seemed like a decent guy in his letters, which is why he gets a special mention here. Close inspection of Fungus & Tongue - of whom I had no prior knowledge or recall - reveals them to have included Nathan Coles - guitarist of Academy 23 and UNIT at the same time as me, so that's interesting. At least it's interesting to me because I didn't know that.

That's all I've got (apart from reminding everyone that Patternclear is Phil Clarke of Stress for the millionth time), but thankfully the quality of this one seems to speak for itself.

1 - factor X - URDD
2 - Fungus & Tongue - Night, the Moon
3 - Secret Archive of the Vatican - Fish Drum
4 - Cabbage Head - The Hive Manager  
5 - The Conspiracy - Dave Hammerton  
6 - Mindscan - Crash
7 - Jim Jean - It Was a Dark, Foggy Night
8 - UPL - BFH (edit)
9 - TAC / Eye / fX - Casper
10 - Nux Vomica - Passing a Stone
11 - factor X - Armed w/ a Handgun
12 - Cabbage Head - My God - It's Full of Stars
13 - Patternclear - Inertic (6-7)
14 - Secret Archive of the Vatican - I Often Wonder, Am I Mad?
15 - Technoprimitives - I Desire

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