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Manslaüghter - Sofa, So Good... So What? (1992) C15

I'm not absolutely sure quite how this masterpiece came into my possession. I've a feeling that the band originally sent this copy to some fanzine bloke or other, someone who didn't like it and figured it was the sort of preposterous shite I would probably appreciate, which I did. In fact I appreciated it so much that I wrote to them and got a copy of their follow up, South of Hebburn which features the terrifying Sofa Bed of Doom and which will be appearing on this blog at some point in the near future, once you've had time to digest the RAW AWESOME of Sofa, So Good... So What?

Manslaüghter were from Kenton Bar, Newcastle upon Tyne and they looked like this:

This photograph came with the tape, along with a letter of introduction which reads as follows:

The Manslaüghter story continues to get bigger, better and faster by the minute. Here, at last, is the long awaited Sofa, So Good... So What? demo by the world's number one Furniture Metal outfit.
The current line-up of the band is as follows:
Mr. Speed - guitars and vocals.
Leigh O'Slayer - vocals and guitars.
Wort Stockholme - drums.
Samurai Spatula - bass.
The band was formed in the new year of 1990 when three bored flatmates decided to buy instruments and learn to play. The name Manslaüghter was chosen, and they decided to play thrash metal as it was easy. Their primary influences included Slayer, Metallica, Megadeath, Tankard, and The Antiques Road Show. Out of this melting pot came the concept of Furniture Metal.
Early hits included the songs Tea Break and Can't Be Arsed which involved tuning up and then going down the pub. To the original trio of Wort, Speed, and Slug Troll on bass, a second guitarist Y. Axl Cyderblent was added. Slug Troll was soon dropped from the line-up however, as (unlike the rest of the band) he was tone deaf and lacked any coordination. Y. Axl moved to bass and Leigh O'Slayer was recruited from the Strapponz to sing and play guitar. Y. Axl soon left to pursue a singularly unsuccessful solo career playing Kiss covers on the cello. The new bassist was the legendary rock 'n' roll veteran Samurai Spatula. The present set contains a range of hard hitting tunes from the power thrashings of Manslaüghter and Sideboards of Destruction to the fast uncompromising rock of Broken Strings, and the raging speed of Oh! Such Hatred. Also included is some of the already classic material from the band's early days.


So there you go - a bit like speed metal or death metal, but make no mistake - this be Furniture Metal. I don't think there's anything more I can tell you, because the music speaks for itself.

People eaten in their homes,
Their corpses strewn like garden gnomes,
Ripped to shreds by evil sideboards,

Fight them off with knives and swords...

1 - Manslaüghter
2 - Sideboards of Destruction

3 - Oh! Such Hatred
4 - Watch Out, Granddad
5 - Can't Be Arsed
6 - Tea Break
7 - Twilight Zone

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