Monday, 5 August 2019

Raw Opium Enema (1994) C60

I've nearly digitised all of my compilations now, with only Impulse mag's Allegory and Trev Ward's Power to Destroy (next week probably) still to be transmogrified, so far as I can work out. This one escaped the routine sweeps because I had it under M on the shelf as a Mlehst tape, it being the work of the man behind Bandaged Hand Produce.

Aside from being one of those collections I always found exciting because you have no idea what the fuck is going to come out of the speakers when you first press play, this one is also distinguished by its exceptional sound quality, which seems to have been a thing with Bandaged Hand. I really should have picked up a few more of his tapes when it was still possible to do so.

1 - Brume - Ronde
2 -
Herb Mullin - Over and Over
3 -
factor X - Forever Roses
4 -
T.U.O.B. + Okaniwa Fumiharo - n.v.1
5 -
Expose Your Eyes - Absolute Spongiforms
6 -
Mlehst - Anal Dentist
7 -
Cacophony '33' - Riding the Aorta
8 -
Lunus - Introductione alla Terra
9 -
Expose Your Eyes - Bongo Trasho
10 -
Sof Tillan's And - Television Teenager
11 -
Cacophony '33' - Carboot (excerpt)
12 -
Defacato - Burnett

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