Friday, 26 July 2019

His-Create-He - The Prison (1982) C20

I don't know anything about this lot. Larry Peterson sent me their demo when I was putting the first Do Easy compilation tape together. I really liked The Prison so I included it on the tape, assuming they would eventually get around to replying to my letters, which they didn't. Little did I realise that the track, presumably the same track, had already appeared on a compilation album called Sing As We Go, released the year before. Subsequent research has unearthed the fact of their having turned into something called Bzu-zu and contributed to a record called Pulsebeat, as described by this bloke. The above picture is actually of Bzu-zu taken from Discogs, which is all I could find.

There was originally a photocopied cover to the tape with the band name - which was definitely hyphenated - spelled out in old English script, and The Prison was titled as I've given it here, not as given on Sing As We Go, for what it may be worth; but it's now lost, I'm afraid. What information I managed to save is that the first three tracks were live at the Clarendon, Hammersmith on 8th of November, 1982; and The Prison was recorded at Golddust Studios, Sidcup on the 6th and 10th of November, 1982, and engineered by Mark of some band called Legend...

Fuck me.

Okay. I've just looked up Golddust Studios and it's the place I used to go to get all my War Drum tapes duplicated around the end of the nineties, and I remember the aforementioned Mark fairly well as he was a good laugh and his rates were very reasonable. What a small fucking world it is. Jesus.

Anyway, I need to have a bit of a sit down, so I'll leave you with His-Create-He who failed to set the world on fire but nevertheless managed a decent demo tape, and were patently of the era of Conflict, New Model Army, the Danse Society and the like.

Just this week I was listening to an old Princess Superstar CD when I realised that the music on one track had been done by a bloke to whom I used to deliver mail when I was a postman in SE London - in fact, I used to deliver his mail using the same Royal Mail bike on which I regularly cycled over to Bromley to get my tapes copied by the bloke who produced the track I used on a compilation tape back in the eighties. It's all connected.

What a week it has been.

1 - I Would
2 - Demon Dance
3 - Witchfinder General
4 - The Prison (that Jack Built)

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