Friday, 9 August 2019

Power to Destroy (1993) 2C60

Usual terms and conditions apply regarding imagery which is probably supposed to upset you, aside from which, Trev really surpassed himself with the packaging of this one and probably would have won a design award were it not for all the pictures of rotting corpses. The cover was photocopied onto card, with each one presumably individually assembled so as to resemble something like a cigar box, with the tapes kept in a slide out tray thing. The tape itself was likewise pretty decent, with a fair bit of sonic variety, and certainly more than you might have expected from the scarier end of the electronic landscape. A few of these are unlikely to require any introduction (and the Ramleh track is blistering, by the way), and I'm sure you're perfectly capable of Googling the others, because I've never heard of them either.

Four of these tracks actually came from me, these being the work of Konstruktivists (of which I was a member at the time), Family of Noise, and Dada X (both of which are represented elsewhere on this blog, so please feel free to have a poke around in the index linked at the foot of this entry) and, at the risk of offending purists, I've actually replaced the tracks as digitised from my copy of the compilation with copies digitised from the master tapes. So they're the exact same tracks, just better quality through not being fourth generation copies.

1 - Final Solution - Right to Hate
2 -
M. Behrens / Junta - Soundtrack for Original Torture Performance
3 -
Agony for Pleasure - Primal Scream
4 -
Konstruktivists - Monsieur Y
5 -
Sudden Infant - Destroy Your Manipulators
6 -
MAUTHAUSEN - Kill the P.A.S.T. (1992)
7 -
Con-Dom - Patriotism
8 -
Ramleh - Melt the Cube (live)
9 -
Family of Noise - Upwards and Outwards
10 -
Genocide Organ - Kill Useless Nations
11 -
Had.It - Interrogatorio a Pietro Maso
12 -
Academy 23 / Grey Wolves - Terror Intensifies
13 - Exit
14 -
Smell & Quim - Cunnilinguaphone
15 -
Family of Noise - Sometimes I
16 -
Taint - Orifice Training
17 -
Dada X - Chocolate Disco
18 -
M. Behrens - Splatterdance (II)
19 -
Sudden Infant - Birth is the Beginning of Destruction
20 -
Nailchrist - Nails and Blood
21 -
Third Organ - Fuck Your Organs
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