Monday, 22 July 2019

Scram Ju Ju - February 1984 (1984) C30

Firstly, just to get it out of the way, I found the above photograph on Mark Osbourne's excellent this is then, a photographic history of the Coventry music scene, so it's reproduced here with his kind permission. I didn't actually have any interesting images to accompany this week's tape and so image searched Dave Wankling, himself being Scram Ju Ju, only to discover he's the late Dave Wankling which is frankly a bit upsetting. I seem to recall Alan Rider mentioning that he'd seen the aforementioned Dave a while back (decades I think) and he hadn't been in a good way, therefore balls.

Anyway, Scram Ju Ju are probably remembered as the "normal band" on Third Mind's Rising from the Red Sand compilation (this was Dave's own sardonic description), but you may also recall Mr. Wankling from Urge, featuring the legendary Kevin Harrison, who had a couple of singles out, and of course as co-writer of Kevin's Ink Man - an absolute fucking corker from the Fly EP which you need to own if you don't already have it (downloadable from here but there's a vinyl version knocking around if you have a look). Anyway, I wrote to Dave when I was putting together the Moraals compilation, and we struck up a correspondence, and he sent me this tape. I think he was touched due to my apparently being the first person to bother to write to him having heard his track on Red Sand. So much for all those open-minded industrial weirdies. Maybe he should have knocked out a couple of Manson covers.

Big Beyond was the Red Sand track by the way. I copied it onto the end of the tape Dave sent because I'm a nerd, so I figured I may as well include it here and save you the million quid you would have spent on a Red Sand reissue.

As you will hear, Dave was a serious instrumental talent, and one can only wonder what else he might have done had this story had a happier ending.

1 - After All
2 - Ruled by the Heart
3 - Logic in Love
4 - Swelling
5 - It's a Hymn
6 - Big Beyond

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  1. Dave was a true talent but the annals of musical history are littered with such tragic and frustrating tales of talent overlooked and opportunities that never presented themselves at the right time. Urge should have been huge. Should have, but weren't. And how many times have we heard that down the years. It is still a tragedy though.

  2. Hey there, thank you very much for sharing this great tape and writing up the background info. Dusting off and preserving genius obscurities like this is exactly what blogs are good for. Here's hoping that Scram Ju Ju finds a wider audience through your post.

    Thanks again,