Friday, 21 June 2019

The Sound of Hate 5 (1992) C60

...and here's the other one I have, dating from the highlighter pen years. You will have heard of all of the contributors, or you won't have. I don't know. Maybe you could have a look on the internet or something.

Another decent collection. I probably should have stocked up on these back when it was an option, but I always seemed to be skint. Oh well. Not sure why Cacophony '33' was just a number on this one. Maybe he was skint too and couldn't afford the extra letters. Unusually attentive readers will probably notice I've changed all instances of the term extract, as featured on the cover, to excerpt because it are seems more grammarfied. An excerpt can be from a longer piece of music, whereas extract is usually from almonds and may be used when forming cakes, unless you're Steve Fricker. Sorry. It bothered me.

1 - '33' - Cacultocophony (excerpt I)
2 -
La Función de Repulsa - Kill The Toreros Cabro #87
3 -
Taint - #3. III
4 -
Academy 23 - Homage to Anton La Vey
5 -
Another Headache - Twilight's Last Gleaming
6 -
Maylin Pact - Almost Not Quite (excerpt)
7 -
Grey Wolves - Nacht und Nebel
8 -
'33' - Cacultocophony (excerpt II)
9 -
Academy 23 - Terrorphilia
10 -
Another Headache - Cacophony Concerto, Third Movement
11 -
Mindscan - Distress
12 -
Grey Wolves - Cold Steel Odour

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