Monday, 6 May 2019

Mlehst - Occasional Stimulation / She Made Me a Sadist (1995) C60

Only now has it occurred to me that the name seems to be a phonetic spelling of the word molest. Anyway, I don't know a massive amount about this guy, although I met him once and found him very personable - according to my diary. I'm told he made a point of destroying his master tapes so as to preserve the preciousness of the artefacts, or something, so hopefully I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by sharing this. No track list with this one as it comprises one long piece of reassuringly expensive sounding noise per side, and was actually a reissue of a couple of C30s previously issued by labels other than Bandaged Hand. Needless to say I can't find mention of any of them on Discogs so I assume he was simply more prolific than anyone could keep track of.

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  1. Lawrence, great to see this holy relic unearthed on your blog. Feel free to post any other Mlehst you may have. I remember the cover art was ripped from an xxx computer game called “fuck ‘em” !

    Mlehst lurches on, new releases planned for the coming year, including a proper issue of the Cairdean Droich Oir album as a 10 LP set.