Saturday, 8 June 2019

Operation Mind Control - Receiver Generation (1991) C40

I'm not sure there's much I can say about this one, beyond that it's the work of Richard who used to run Chainsaw Cassettes in east London - which I somehow only realised just now when looking on Discogs - and very good it is too, cheaply recorded I would guess, but he achieved a very convincing sound with whatever it was he was doing. I really should have bought a few more things from his catalogue back when I had the chance, but never mind.

1 - Hate
2 - Wrongful Death Suits
3 - Sloburn
4 - Cold, Dead Fingers
5 - Strain
6 - Black & White
7 - Chrome DNA II
8 - 1,000 Ugly
9 - Fluorescent
10 - Comjunk
11 - Drop Circuit

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  1. Hi Lawrence - nice post. There's an edited and remastered compilation from this and the other OMC Chainsaw Cassettes here, if that's your thing.