Monday, 1 January 2018

v/a - Real Time 5 (1983) C90

The cover of this one isn't much to look at. It was released by Unlikely Records in 1983, which was the organ of the above Robert Cox of Rimarimba, amongst others.

I seem to recall Real Time as a fairly regular series of compilation cassettes, and that Robert had a policy of including something by every hopeful who sent him material (although I could be wrong about that - it was a long time ago), which is why a few of these artists were a bit Alan Partridge, I suppose. Then again, musical history seems to have conveniently forgotten all those stonewashed jeans bands you used to see playing in regional pubs at Sunday lunchtime, usually with a cover of something by the Police in their set, and I suppose they deserve to be remembered as much as anyone.

Aside from the cod reggae, there's actually only really one band I disliked on here - MWAB who just sound a bit of a mess to me; but otherwise it's a surprisingly decent collection, plenty of variety and a few surprises. You may have come across UV Pøp, I'm Dead, and Sirius B - whom I'm sure I recall being the next big thing for a couple of days, at least according to Dave Henderson; you may even recall Len Liggins from this tape; and you'll possibly recognise the Attrition track from their Third Mind cassette. My personal faves would be by the Insane Picnic and the exceedingly proggy Trekellion Skyway, but not even Discogs seem to know anything about them, which is a shame.

1 - UV Pøp - Superstition
2 -
UV Pøp - Some Win This
3 -
Faction - Realisation
4 -
I-Jog & the Tracksuits - Optimism
5 -
Chapter 29 - Before
6 -
Chapter 29 - Silence Hammers Down
7 -
Death Pop - Antichrist
8 -
Death Pop - Walk With Me
9 -
Kix - Close Encounters
10 -
Len Liggins - Sandwiches
11 -
Len Liggins - Lead
12 -
Party Day - Party Day
13 -
Sirius B - Is This the End?
14 -
Sirius B - Chain of Thought
15 -
Attrition - Onslaught
16 -
Still Screaming DC - Holy Wars
17 -
Innerpropriates - Bryn to Drym
18 -
The Insane Picnic - Chaos Control
19 -
Trekellion Skyway - Black Brook
20 -
MWAB - Dirt
21 -
MWAB - Mik Bum
22 -
MWAB - Ooee Ooee Oo Song
23 -
I'm Dead - Whispers
24 -
I'm Dead - After Life
25 -
Jonathan Rush - Horizons
26 -
Jonathan Rush - Show Tonight

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  1. Blimey I forgot about this compilation. RealTime was a great series. I was in the insane picnic fact myself and Pete are still recording together to this day :-)

    1. Good to know, Barry - please feel free to post a link here - always happy to spread the word.