Monday, 20 June 2016

Soul Providers - Ehecatl Calli (1998) C90

I already introduced the Soul Providers with this first tape, so please read the accompanying blog entry if you haven't already as that just about covers most of it. For this material we became a trio as Ed and I were joined by Steve Trodd. I think Ed somehow knew Steve through Savage Pencil, and he was a card-carrying member of Sons of the Desert which was good enough for me. In fact, being a Son of the Desert he probably could have just turned up with a paper and comb and I would have been entirely happy to include him in the group, so even better that he brought along an ominous looking vintage synth involving all sorts of knobs and patch leads.

We improvised these three tracks directly onto my stereo, so far as I recall - Steve and Ed on synth and electric piano, with myself pissing about with boxes and other stuff whilst mixing it live through Eddy Walsh's four-track. I always expected our sessions to yield something of a confrontational electronic racket, but they sound quite tuneful to me now, even possibly soulful, or roughly like how I imagine early Pink Floyd probably sounds, or should sound (this statement made without actually knowingly having heard early Pink Floyd) but better. Yes. Quite pleased with this one.

Whilst we're here, Steve is still recording great music, some of which can be heard on his Soundcloud page here. 

1 - Sometimes I Feel Like Throwing My Hands Up in the Air
2 - New Testament
3 - From Out of Chicomoztoc, Firing Arrows

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