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The Dovers - Adam Ant is now Basil Brush's Straight Man (1991) C90

Just to get it out of the way, the title was an observation made by my friend Paul Woods and as such has no direct association with the tape or its contents beyond that it made me laugh, so that's what I wrote on the inlay card because it sounded more exciting than Rehearsals 1991 or whatever. I'm not even sure Carl was aware of ever having recorded a tape called Adam Ant is now Basil Brush's Straight Man, although I suppose he is now.

The fancy portastudio tracks on this collection were recorded at Carl's flat in Bermondsey back in 1991, with the final three being specifically attributed to Sunday the 27th of October, 1991. Furry Animals is actually a demo by Alan Mason who was our other, slightly more accomplished guitarist for a while. I think he recorded it so I could work out something to play along with it, or something of the sort, and it ended up on this tape for the sake of having everything in the same place. The other tracks, I Still Wet My Bed through to La La La La La, were recorded on John Jasper's karaoke machine in my shitty one-room bedsit in Chatham in either 1988 or '89 and appear out of sequence here (in terms of the recorded oeuvre of the Dovers) presumably having been originally recorded on a tape which we lost and then found again immediately following the recording of Drink It Down.

A lot of this stuff was made up more or less as it was recorded, sometimes recycling riffs or lines from earlier material, sometimes to later be given a more thorough treatment, although Call It What You Want and Louie Louie had been live standards for both the Dovers and Total Big, and Furry Animals got played a fair bit whilst Alan was a member. The quality is variable with some loss of one channel during a few of the songs recorded in Chatham. Additionally, the portastudio tracks sounded improbably treble-heavy so I've made some attempt to sort out the EQ on these sound files.

Adam Ant is now Basil Brush's Straight Man comprises twenty-three songs and is available to download for free. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band comprises a mere nine songs and will probably cost you a couple of quid. You do the math.

1 - When I Fall In Love
2 - The Great Masturbator

3 - When the Power Falls
4 - Precious Time
5 - Total Noise
6 - Words Are Useless
7 - Call It What You Want
8 - The Meaning Reveals Itself
9 - There Are Holes
10 - Drink It Down
11 - I Still Wet My Bed
12 - 1000 Hours in a Pit of Snakes
13 - The Group Collector
14 - Every Cliché in the Book
15 - A Vision of This World
16 - Chogi! Scrotina!
17 - Heartless Town
18 - I Wanna Hold Yr Hand
19 - La La La La La
20 - Furry Animals (instrumental)
21 - Back Home
22 - Partial Bastard
23 - Louie Louie

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  1. Thank you for publishing "Konstruktivists - Forbidden BC" (1991) C90, now a lost masterpiece (in my humble opinion). I'm a Konstruktivists follower from their beginning (my 1st LP from them was "A Dissembly"). I've always considered "Forbidden" a "unicum" in their discography. When I bought it in 1991 I was really afraid in what I could listen, but, surprisingly, the LP was really good and it was better and better at every listen! Unfortunately, as you said, the CD suffers of Disc Rot, and so it's many years that I'm not able to listen to it! The only thing I can say more is that I would like that such a masterpiece should be published at a higher bitrate (256/320 kbps?).
    Thank you.