Monday, 21 December 2015

Andrew Cox - Methods (1980) C46

Andrew Cox was my friend and he's now dead. I wrote about him at some length on my other blog here, so there's not much point my writing it all out again. Methods was one of my favourite home-produced cassettes even before I met the guy, and here it is in full. It's not that it does anything exactly unique, any noise never before originated by some bloke with a synth and a few tape recorders, but what it does, it does exceptionally well, in fact better than most other works I've heard of this kind. Andrew was a genuine talent and I still miss him. Anyone interested should note that further material by both Andrew and MFH, the group of which he was one half, is available from the good people of Forced Nostalgia.

Whilst we're here, Andrew was also on Nurse With Wound's Sylvie & Babs album in some capacity in case that makes you more likely to bother.

Photograph: I think that was where Andrew grew up, and where this tape was recorded.

1 - The Bridge at Evening
2 - M├ęduse

3 - Rachael's Favourite Song

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  1. interesting blog. thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for sharing this cassette and the link to read about
    Andrew, emotional post. Greetings from Peru.

    1. Very glad you're reading, Cesar. Always nice to know this stuff isn't going to be forgotten after all.