Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Product - Erotic Pink Pelicans (1985) C60

The Product were two blokes with a pile of synths, drum machines, at least one guitar, and sharp flat-top haircuts of a style which was pretty popular in the Kentish town of Chatham in the mid-eighties. I think I saw them two or three times, most memorably at the Good Intent in Rochester. For a band playing what was essentially slightly angry Blancmange they were pretty incredible live, despite the stiff competition of a million rock and roll bands with actual drummers, about half of which had featured the mighty force of Billy Childish at some point or other. At least some of the Product's stage presence was probably down to the novelty of a song about fellatio (which would later be covered by both the Cure and Morrissey) and a substantial following of local fans ready to engage in the dispensation of lively and good-natured violence at the gigs. With hindsight it seems odd that a band who sounded like this should have accrued such a following of keen Special Brew enthusiasts, many of whom were conveyed to the concerts by means of scooter, but that was Kent in the 1980s for you, and it made sense at the time.

I've no idea what became of the Product, but this stuff still sounds fucking great to me even now, thirty years later.

No idea how I even got hold of this tape. I was probably drunk.

1 - Production Line
2 - Crash Course

3 - Chaos
4 - Love Shine
5 - If Only We Were Alone
6 - Concrete Scar
7 - Kind
9 - Jester
10 - Pain That Exists
11 - Treasure Cave
12 - F.A.B.

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  2. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I thought I was the only one that knew of this band's existance and the tape!! I have a copy of this demo tape myself given to me by a mate's brother who went to college with the guy in The Product. And i was at that gig in Rochester too! Saw them in Leicester too at a battle of the bands thingy. i thought they were fucking amazing - and still do. Ironically i was listening to the tape (i put it on mp3 onto my ipod) today and it prompted me to do a search. And found you! Choas indeed! Respect to you!

  3. Me again! Just realised that your copy of the demo tape contains a track i have never heard before - "Crash Course"
    This track was not on my copy of the tape!
    My tape has a track called "Laugh At Life" in it's place.
    So thank you for sharing and allowing me to hear a "new" The Product track after 30 years! ;o)

  4. Here is my demo tape track listing - which is different from yours!

    1) C.O.B.S.M.W
    2) Jester
    3) Kind (Blancmange cover)
    4) If Only We Were Alone
    5) Concrete Scar
    6) Production Line
    7) Chaos!
    8) Love Shine
    9) FAB
    10) Laugh At Life
    11) Treasure Cave
    12) Pain That Exists

    Hope you find that useful. Thanks again for the memories!

  5. I've now had a chance to listen to the tracks and realised that my demo tape has a different version of the track "F.A.B" - my version sounds like a proper "studio" version and although much better quality is shorter at 4 minutes and 22 seconds.

  6. Happy to help! Nice to know someone remembers them.