Monday, 30 March 2020

Cyclic Amp - Deviations of the Impulse (1986) C60

I had vague plans to digitise and share a whole shitload of tapes from the Pumf label, and then realised that actually most of them are still very much available and as such can be purchased here. Nevertheless, having studied the catalogue I noticed I had a couple of things which Stan was no longer selling (and by a couple I mean literally two things), so having consulted with the lad, here's one of them, shared on the condition that I stress that Stan doesn't actually endorse my giving this stuff away for free and is in no way responsible for my doing so (apart from having sold me the original tape a million years ago, I suppose).

Also, the labels came off the cassette due to whatever glue Stan used not being up to the job (it happened to me too), so for once I've been able to scan those, in case any venture capitalist twats want to fake a few copies and stick them on eBay for fifty quid as rarities - as happened with a Grey Wolves cassette, actually a one off tape Trev had compiled for me personally and which the bloke trying to sell it claimed he'd taped off the radio. Wanker.

I don't know much about Cyclic Amp beyond that they were from Liverpool and had a couple of records out through Probe Plus, and that they seemed to be part of that whole spikey thing which gave us Killing Joke, Southern Death Cult, and all that bunch. This tape was a mix of live and studio stuff, presumably demos, and it's jolly good.

1 - Ugly Thoughts
2 - Carrion
3 - In a Hole
4 - Caress
5 - Uniforms
6 - Love and Napalm
7 - Dance
8 - Skin / Scared
9 - Manipulator
10 - Foetus Mountain
11 - Christians
12 - Love and Napalm
13 - Dance
14 - Caress
15 - Carrion
16 - Ugly Thoughts

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