Monday, 17 February 2020

Academy 23 - Birth in December (1994) C60

Here's another one, and the really doubtful material was my own, which I'm sure you'll agree makes for a pleasant change. Patriotic Hymn and Cenotaph were both recorded (on Andrew Cox's fancy keyboard) back in 1992 as Family of Noise tracks when I'd been going through a heavy Death in June period, hence my frowning in black clothes with a Bavarian castle in the background. Patriotic Hymn is specifically named after a painting by Giacomo Balla rather than my enduring love of Noel's Telly Addicts, Ginster's pasties, and everything which made Britain great; and Cenotaph was partially informed by the Severed Heads' Nation and represents my thankfully brief foray into martial industrial, which I suppose at least demonstrates just how piss-easy that shit is. What larks! These tracks probably would have remained unreleased had Andy not decided to include them on this tape, so thanks, Andy.

Elsewhere you will find a couple of half decent Wire covers, Nathan's thing which I thought was quite good, and a load of the Celtic stuff. The booklet featured art from people I've never heard of, which I'm sure will make sense if you bother to read the thing; and I assume Birth in December was in fact some sort of canny refutation of the aforementioned Death in June. Clever wording. Cheers.

More chuckles next week, readers.

1 - Patriotic Hymn
2 - Zerstort!
3 - High Rise We'ans
4 - The Collier Laddie
5 - The 15th
6 - Used To...
7 - Right Across the River
8 - Aye, Waukin' O
9 - Cam Ye O'er Frae France
10 - Nide
11 - Cenotaph
12 - Unserer Neue Maschine
13 - Hadrian's Wall

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