Friday, 10 May 2019

Apostles - Live at the Academy 108 (1989) C90

Here's my last Apostles tape, which is a bit of a relief. Weirdly, I have no memory of having acquired this one, or listening to it up until about a week ago - not sure why. This fact seems additionally mysterious given that it may even be their best, or their best which isn't Second Dark Age if you prefer.

'But Loz,' I hear you cry, 'how can that be? The Apostles were notoriously ropey live, and this is surely a recording of some gig.'

Well, yes, but as Andy explains on the cover, it was recorded direct from the microphones and is therefore good quality because there's no audience sound - which I'm sure will make sense to our technically minded subscribers. I haven't read the rest of the cover because I've spent quite enough time squinting at microscopic type over the last month, but I expect there will be some account of how our man did such a good job playing the guitar whilst singing at the same time, something he used to have trouble with. Actually, he seems to be playing a couple of guitars at the same time on a few of these tracks, which must have taken some practice, and was surely a treat for everyone who attended this event which was definitely a genuine live gig with an audience and probably a bloke selling pies at the back.

My guess is that this was some sort of Apostles bowing out thing, hence all the old favourites - and definitive recordings too - plus covers of tracks by Chelsea, the Pop Group, and er... whatever that last track was. Certainly it seems like a precursor to Academy 23, not least with thee spellings which I've ignored because I'm a grown man; and Pagga in Pilrig was relocated to Pilton and became an Academy 23 standard.

If anyone doesn't get the Apostles, this is probably the one to listen to.

1 - We Are All Prostitutes
2 - High Rise Living
3 - Urban Kids
4 - After the Fact
5 - Pigs for Slaughter
6 - Mister Missed Her
7 - Kings Cross Etc.
8 - Thalidomide
9 - The Sword
10 - Daze of the Weak
11 - New Face in N16
12 - Pagga in Pilrig
13 - Mistreated
14 - Our Mother, the Earth
15 - The Hunt
16 - 5.975MHz
17 - The Visitors
18 - Fucking Queer
19 - A Case History
20 - Pig Violence
21 - Walking Away
22 - The Witness
23 - For You

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  1. Now now, there's three guitarists credited!! :)

    I agree this may be the best release of the apostles and certainly a hint at the "unashamed professionalism" that was to follow with acad 23. Excellent version of The Visitors, a song Wire would have been proud to have written I'm sure.

  2. hello,

    long time i haven't visited this place and what do i see, loads of apostles tapes that have been posted!!! :-)

    would it be possible to have flac rip of them, like you once did for those academy 23 live tapes.
    i should be after these:
    Apostles - Live at the Academy 108 (1989) C90
    Apostles - Cartography (1987) C90
    Apostles - Will I Ever Be Free? (1985) C90
    Apostles - Live at the Recession Club 21/9/83
    Apostles - Christ! It's the Apostles! (1983) C30
    Apostles - Topics for Discussion (1983) C90
    Apostles - Libertarian Propaganda (1982) C90

    (2nd dark age demo, you already provide the flacs or i have some them elsewhere)

    thank you very much (because the apostles is for sure a band you hate to love hahaha)