Monday, 11 March 2019

Apostles - Libertarian Propaganda (1982) C90

The Apostles demos had slipped way down my list of digitisation priorities, partially due to a bad taste left in my mouth by certain stuff Andy had taken to posting on YouTube. I still maintain that he's actually one of the most right on Ben Eltons I've ever met, but he really lets his love of offending anyone to the left of Hitler get the better of him, and after a while you get a bit fed up of making excuses for people only for their next outing to be an operatic version of Mein Kampf or whatever. Anyway, it's been a while since I last sighed and shook my head at Andy's latest brainfart, and I've now digitised about 95% of my collection, so fuck it - let's convert those Apostles tapes. I know a few of you have been waiting to hear them.

I had 2nd Dark Age back in the day and it's long been a favourite, and yet somehow I came to their other demo tapes quite late. It seemed to be a different person selling them every month, and then the vinyl records began to appear, so I didn't catch up until the nineties when someone gave me a bag of old tapes they didn't want - possibly Larry Peterson - including the first, third and fourth demos. The first was unplayable and unlistenable - a crap WHSmith C120 which unravelled inside the player, plus it sounded like a cheapo mono tape recorder left running in the same room as the world's worst heavy metal band, a very basic rehearsal tape complete with screw ups, false starts, and no-one being able to remember any of the songs. For some reason I had the third and fourth demos confused with those later tapes which were mostly just alternate mixes of the stuff they had released on their EPs, so I was slightly blown away when I came to digitise this one. I had no memory of it sounding this good, possibly in part due to it being a cassette which has hardly been played. Andy seems to take a dim view of these early tapes, but I think he's being picky, and I actually think they're amongst the Apostles' greatest work. Maybe the mix isn't perfect, but the power and feeling of these songs has really been captured. To be honest, I like this stuff a lot better than the records.

I should probably point out that the Apostles vinyl material can be downloaded from the UNIT page on Bandcamp, and as for some of the more suspicious titles to be found elsewhere on the same page, see the first paragraph or take it up with Andy himself. In his defense, I notice some of the more horrendous material from Equinox Screams seems to be thankfully absent from the downloads, and before you ask - no, I won't be digitising Rights for Whites or others of its kind "recorded when I wasn't feeling very well" (as Andy told me), regardless of whether or not such werks should be considered ironic.

1 - The Apostles
2 - Kill Your Pet Prole
3 - Kings Cross Etc.
4 - Thalidomide
5 - Fear of Freedom
6 - Eric's Detachables
7 - Fucking Queer
8 - Proletarian Autonomy
9 - Burn the Witch
10 - Libertarian Youth
11 - The Innocent Bystander
12 - Etc. Etc.
13 - Mister Missed Her
14 - The Death Factory
15 - New Face in N16
16 - After the Fact
17 - Alien Asian
18 - 1985

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