Monday, 4 December 2017

factor X - Weird (1992) C90

As I may have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Shaun Robert and I fell out (for reasons which I may have already mentioned and can't be arsed to go over again because who cares?), but hopefully he won't object to my sharing this one, because it's worth sharing. My dating it to 1992 is guesswork based on vague memories of where I was living when it popped through my letterbox. Weird was supposedly to be released by Fool's Paradise, who also put out material by Maeror Tri, for whatever that's worth, although I don't know if that ever happened, or even if Weird ever achieved a formal release.

I seem to recall Shaun being quite a fan of the Severed Heads, which really shows on a couple of these tracks - and I mean that as a good thing. The Frog & the Raven and MT (Parted to Meet Again) number amongst the greatest tape only songs I've ever heard. The rest steers a little closer to more familiar factor X territory, although this tape still sounds fairly unique amongst his body of work to me, and I have quite a few others so I'm not just saying that.

I think it was recorded with his girlfriend of the time, whose name was Francesca something or other, although I have a feeling they separated shortly after this one. I can't think of anything more to say about it, so I've also scanned a four page factor X manifesto-cum-statement type thing called Sciolism which comes with the download, so that should give you something to think about, should you require it.

1 - The Frog & the Raven
2 - The Light that Shines
3 - MT (Parted to Meet Again)
4 - minim
5 - Tautologize
6 - Denkzeichen
7 - Smelt
8 - Silverspoons
9 - ènôrm'ous irrělêvance
10 - Seal
11 - Headaway
12 - Lulla
13 - Butterfly Existence
14 - Everyone is Fine
15 - OUT

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  1. As another fallen-out person, thanks for this.

  2. Just thought I'd say that your blog is my idea of what a music blog should be......excellently obscure music,but more importantly you actually write something readable too. Apart from my blog of course(nudge nudge),i can only think of one other blog that was ever worth reading, that was the now defunct 'Creepscanner'.
    Keep it up sonny jim.

    1. Thanks! It was actually DIY or Die which inspired me to make the effort.