Monday, 17 July 2017

The Omelettes (1984) C30

Andy and Larry with Ian Slaughter.

Here's another one by special request, and the last which will be by special request. I have a couple of hundred of these old tapes to get through, and I plan to digitise most of them and leave them here for free upload. That's a lot of work right there, but I get through it by doing two tapes a week, every Sunday morning, usually one which you lot will never get to hear because it just wouldn't be of interest to anyone but myself, and one of the kind of which a few people may have heard of, the sort of thing I've been adding to this blog over the last couple of years. It's a lot of work, and what makes it fun is getting up on Sunday, going to the shelf, and thinking what the fuck am I going to digitise today?, then picking something I probably haven't heard in two decades and firing up the computer, already burning with curiosity as to what's going to come out of those speakers and whether it will still sound as good as it once did. Therefore, when I get up on Sunday morning and I already have a list of requests because some bloke just can't live another two months without hearing a tape made by someone who used to collect Genesis P. Orridge's pools coupon back in 1978, it sort of sucks the fun out of it for me. So leave requests, by all means, but keep in mind that if I have the tape, you'll get to hear it when I feel like digitising it; and it will still be free; and it will still be something you probably wouldn't have had otherwise, so be happy.

This week's masterpiece is Larry Peterson of Cause for Concern tapes mucking about with Dave and Andy of the Apostles. These tracks were on one side of a tape Larry sent me and which he described as this group I was in called the Omelettes, although I've a feeling it may have been just Larry who regarded it as having been a group rather than just the three of them pissing about one afternoon. If you're familiar with the Apostles, you'll probably recognise these tracks, some with original lyrics, some with new lyrics improvised by Larry - and I came up with the titles, obviously. Larry was later vocalist in some sort of rock group called Many Happy Returns, and he sang backing vocals on Revolution Baby from the Nocturnal Emissions album, Songs of Love & Revolution. I met him a couple of times and he was a wonderful and very, very funny guy, but I really got the feeling he resented his own failure to have become either rich or famous as a result of having been involved with tapes, and he wouldn't fucking shut up about money. He showed me a stack of obscure records and tapes, the kind of stuff I've been posting here, and told me he was getting rid of it all. 'None of this lot will ever be worth anything,' he said. 'If any of these bands were going to make it big, it would have happened by now.'

...and that's why you probably shouldn't meet your heroes.

There'll be something less disappointing next week, readers.

1 - Asking For It
2 - The Money Song
3 - What Would We Do Without the Alien Asian?
4 - Hello Deutschmark I
5 - If There Was Anarchy, What Would We Use for Money?
6 - Hello Deutschmark II
7 - You Can Make Good Money Playing the Blues

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