Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Artwork Update #1

Remember-member-member what a Womble-womble-womble you are...

A month or so back I returned from England with another suitcase full of old tapes of lawnmowers, washing machines, and kids farting into microphones, the fruits of which have begun to appear here on this blog as freely downloadabubble sound files; but in addition to the suitcase of old tapes, I also had a stack of artwork I had believed lost. Some of this artwork constituted tape covers and related material pertaining to releases I've already posted here, but posted without the scans which should have accompanied them, obviously. Anyway, I've tarted all this stuff up, and added it to the pertinent downloads so that anyone downloading any of that stuff from this point forwards will at least have the full set or sets. However, in the unlikely event that any of you have already downloaded any of this material, here's a handy download of just the newly scanned stuff so as to save you hunting back through all those previous posts for whatever you missed.

Okay, so here's what you have: 

1) A cover I made for the Anschluss cassette even though I never actually got around to making copies or selling the thing.
2) Prize-winningly shite covers for a stack of old Do Easy cassettes, including the two C15s I released (if you're looking at the list and wondering what they were), the tracks from which appear on Purifier.
3) Like Fall Apart, the Dada X tape never got released either, but I found these notes which would have been used had Carl or myself ever got around to designing a cover, so at least now I know who actually appeared on the fucking thing.
4) An important essay I wrote explaining the philosophy of 621 Monosodium 621.
5) A page of Asepisis artwork which Jez did for the track Terminal Beach, which would have been on the Moraals compilation but for us falling out.
6) A limited edition booklet of We Be Echo artwork by Kevin Thorne which came with the first version of Ceza Evi, taking the form of thirteen loose A4 pages in a plastic wallet.

The names of the individual files are indicated by italics in the list below.

Anschluss - Fall Apart (1992) C60 ANS01 (cover)
Do Easy - The Metal Tape (1982) C60 DE01d
Do Easy - The Second Metal Tape (1982) C60 DE02 (cover)
Do Easy - The Fourth Metal Tape (1982) C90 DE04 (cover)
Do Easy - The Fourteenth Metal Tape (1983) C60 DE14a (cover)
Do Easy - Five Track Compact Cassette (1984) C15 DE17 (cover)
Do Easy - Exquisite Torment (1984) C15 DE20 (cover)
Do Easy - The 35th Release (1985) C60 DE21 (cover)
Dada X (1992) C90  Eph1992-0715-01 / Eph1992-0715-02 (notes)
621 Monosodium 621 - Torn from the Earth... (1992) C15+ Eph1993-0319-00 (essay)
various - Moraals (1985) 2C90 Moraals28 (unused Asepisis artwork)
We Be Echo - Ceza Evi (1983) C60 WBE Ceza Evi (thirteen page booklet)

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