Friday, 30 September 2016

We Be Echo - Various Obscure Recordings (1985) C60

As promised a couple of months back, here's some more We Be Echo. This is another tape procured from Larry Peterson in the wake of his having decided that industrial music was evil and that none of these bands are ever going to be famous now so there's not much point hanging on to any of this stuff. I assume I compiled this from a number of tapes Larry gave me, but I wouldn't swear to it, and have no idea whether the title of Various Obscure Recordings came from me or Kevin Thorne, if it even matters.

Anyway, where the previous thing comprised radio sessions, I suppose you'd call this studio material. So far as I'm aware Kevin recorded everything more or less live onto the tape deck of a typical home stereo, so it's pretty basic, but he always managed to make a little go a long way - although it may be worth mentioning that I suspect some of these tracks may not have been the finished article. Most of this stuff seems to have been recorded with his wife Bobbie, so I suppose you could regard this incarnation of We Be Echo as a sort of low rent Chris & Cosey should you feel the need. Not having listened to any We Be Echo for at least a decade prior to excavating these tapes, I had built up a vague impression of them/him as more or less six parts Cabaret Voltaire to four parts Throbbing Gristle, but listening to this stuff again I realise it really did have a fairly strong identity of its own.

With a little bit of support and enthusiasm shown at the time, we could have had more of this instead of Howard fucking Jones, but whatever. Too late now. You blew it.

More We Be Echo in another month or so. 

1 - It's Cold Outside
2 - Again & Again
3 - Push
4 - Red Lights (WLYX Memphis)
5 - The Witches Burn (WLYX Memphis)
6 - Beat of the Drum
7 - Werkout 22
8 - All I See
9 - Every Day
10 - Mantra
11 - Werkout 23
12 - Thank You

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