Monday, 13 June 2016

Academy 23 - Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (1993) C90

This was the one they put out just before I joined. To be honest I've barely listened to the thing as it never made much of an impression on me, which is partially why it ended up in the suitcase during that first raid on the mystic treasury of cassettes still located at my mother's house on the other side of the Atlantic ocean - just curiosity, basically.

Digitising and listening to it now, I can see why it didn't get much in the way of rewinds. It's all right, and in fact it's decent by the standards of most bands so far as I'm concerned, but there's not much that really stands out as amazing. There's the Boyd Rice-isms which seemed a lot funnier then than they do now, at least to me, and the more tuneful stuff is all right but could have benefited from a better mix, or at least a generally louder mix relative to the other tracks; and then there's fucking Shitfag. I really can't work out what Pete was playing at with that one - anti-smoking power electronics. You don't like smoking, dude. We get it. Was it supposed to be funny, at least to the sort of people who chuckle over amusing run-out spiral mottos on early Whitehouse records? Was it supposed to be funny with a serious message, namely don't smoke those fags, you unhealthy fucker. I don't know. Pete was always a bit straight-edge whilst also being quite difficult to figure out, as I realised on the day I picked up some fanzine he'd had printed at Catford Copy Centre on the the grounds of it being quite near where I worked, said fanzine turning out to be some kind of Third Reich appreciation society material. At least that's what it looked like. Hopefully I was wrong.

As a point of possibly minor interest, my own unfortunate encounter with the Terror of Toxteth referred to in Biological Catastrophe is detailed here.

Well, some of this is good. Some of it's pish. It's a tape that didn't quite know what it wanted to be. Not recommended for use at parties.

1 - A Beast of Prey
2 - So it Goes
3 - Shitfag
4 - Loki's Soliloquy
5 - Biological Catastrophe
6 - I Love Pop Music
7 - Ay Waukin, O
8 - A Post-Modernist Dissertation
9 - The Sole Hygiene of the World
10 - Trilogy I: Nothing Matters
11 - Trilogy II: Hardline
12 - Trilogy III: Sick of People
13 - Nide I
14 - Prelude
15 - Epitaph
16 - The Process
17 - Chant / A Parcel of Rogues
18 - You Sense It / Deutsches Lied
19 - Ein Neue Idee für Europa
20 - Neue Idee
21 - Opus 23
22 - Nide II
23 - Justice for Scotland / Lee
24 - Individuality (hidden track)

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  2. Hi mate, dont wanna bug you. i got to this site when looking information about scram ju ju.. then i noticed you had your own project do easy.. i looked up some information on discogs.. and got you are Lawrence Burton.. but what is your real name if you dont mind my asking... apart from that i have looked at some of your stuff in flickr and i liked it. cheers man

  3. i forgot to tell you it is laudable to post things that are personal and related to adolescence.. a period one normally is ashamed of in such honest way

  4. I asked you because according to your profile you should have died 23 years ago.. and i thought it was a psedonym.. or it is just a happy coincidence you share the same name with the inventor of IAT?

    1. Ha ha! Yes - I just didn't want to write one of those 'I've done this, I've done that' biogs so I nicked one of a person with the same name.

    2. hehe, thank you Lawrence. You are lucky you share your name with someone already dead who was famous enough to have a biography on internet. Not my case by the way. :)

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  6. Shitfag was pretty funny! Even on 2nd listen!